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  1. I prefer the Mariinsky choreography, I must say. As for the direct comparison of the Bolshoi ballerinas, I find Smirnova a little too mannered, her arms and shoulders a little too heavy, in comparison with Stepanova. It is as if Smirnova's arms are moving though water while Stepanova's float on the air. Both lovely, but the natural air of Stepanova gets my vote.
  2. Hoping someone can report on Stepanova's performances in London?
  3. artsong


    Kolegova was more Aurora-like in that clip as Lilac Fairy than Skorik was as Aurora. Aurora needs sweetness and amiability.
  4. Does Smirnova dance Giselle? I remember reading in a brief interview years ago that Giselle was the role Stepanova most wished to dance. I agree she is in the grand ballerina mould but so is Lopatkina and her Giselle is wonderful. I'd love to see Yulia essay that role one day.
  5. Interesting that Yulia has been given Diamonds rather than the Tall girl role in Rubies which she danced at the Mariinsky. She seems to be being cast in the same roles Smirnova gets.
  6. I was another beneficiary of her youtube videos over many years. May she rest in peace.
  7. Yes, she never seems to be doing choreographed steps but rather just moving in such a natural way. No poses, no artifice. I thought that about her Swan Lake and I see it again in this - especially in Act 1 and 3.
  8. I agree that it is great her name is back to Stepanova - I do understand the cultural reasons for taking one's husband's surname but she was well established as Yulia Stepanova and I am glad to think she can continue that way.
  9. Here is a brief video from youtube of the debut as Myrtha -
  10. I think that video is from the Mikailovsky production, not Mariinsky.
  11. It appears that in the end Yulia only danced once in Russian Seasons and it was the girl in green; not yellow/white and not dark red! She has posted a picture to her instagram.
  12. Yulia makes her debut this week, dancing two nights in succession in Russian Seasons, but it appears she has decided to dance from now on under her husband's name: http://www.bolshoi.ru/persons/ballet/2881/. An odd choice given she does have a certain following under her maiden name?
  13. He is a coryphee, and also incidently the husband of Yulia Stepanova. Here's hoping they both rise in the ranks!
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