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  1. Thanks for the info. I was hoping they might be touring more here.
  2. The Royal is performing Manon in Boston in June. I have been trying to find information on other performances in the US. Their website does not even list a US tour.... or Boston for that matter. Does anyone have any info?
  3. The news today is that Oakland Ballet is calling it quits. In the last couple of months there has been Ballet Internationale and an Ohio Company (Cleveland?) and then there are the labor issues at Washington.... and I'm sure I'm missing others.......... I have a daughter in her last years of residency... pouring everything she's got into it. This all makes me crazy. What does the future hold? I'd love feedback from those of you who know more than just a "ballet-mom"
  4. My daughter and I saw Paloma and Gomes on Thursday night. . It was our first ABT performance..... and we were stunned. It was absolutely gorgeous. Thw whole company is amazing. Paloma was lovely. After watching Ferri on video for years, we were not sure what she would bring to Juliet. But she REally did justice to the role. Gomes was a fantastic Romeo. The pair seemed quite suited to each other. Craig Salstein was our Mercutio and was a crowd favorite. I wonder if it has something to do with the role???? One question... our program does not show Malakov as a principal dancer... has he left ABT?
  5. Does anyone know of any videos of the complete Jewels ballet or the complete section of emeralds?
  6. I have been trying to watch these videos for months now and it just doesn't play for me. I have the latest real player installed but all that comes up is the box with the little camera icon and no film. Any computer geeks out there with suggestions? I was able to watch these last year on my same computer - a Dell PC.
  7. Well, I am just a "ballet mom" and thus my opinion is more of a casual ballet goer than a balletomane. My daughter is at the National Ballet School and while visiting her, the two of us attended the Ogden/Guillome performance, thanks to a ballet alert friend who had tickets she could not use. (Thanks to her and to ballet alert for introducing us!) So here's my "uneducated" opinion: I had seen Heather Ogden once before - I think it was in La Bayadere - I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that it was her we were going to see dance Odile/Odette. In Bayadere, her technique was flawless but the feeling of the dance was truly lacking. Her facial expression was deadpan. But since she is obviously a rising star, my daughter and I were intrigued by what she would do with this role - knowing that she would be coached carefully. So, overall, we thought she was very good - still perhaps lacking the depth of feeling/expressiveness that would add more dimension to the role- but pleasing to watch nonetheless. She obviously has incredible technical abilities. Guillaume is a delight to watch - wonderful ballon (sp?) and a great stage presence. In contrast to previous posters, I loved act I - watching the core of guys dance together was wonderful - they are really talented and totally enjoyable to watch. I found myself smiling almost the entire time - chills running down my spine at their joie de vivre. Stephanie Hutchinson was also fabulous as the wench - I loved her dancing and want to see her again as soon as possible. The only part of that scene I disliked was the implied "gang bang" at the end. Sitting next to my 13 year old daughter, it made me feel uncomfortable and I think it was unneccessary. Act !! was beautiful and Ogden danced beautifully. My daughter felt, however, that she really got into the black swan more. In Act III I agree with what was said previously about the princesses headdresses - I found them distracting - they did not seem to fit. Overall, t.he whole Kudelka - everyone dies- thing was pretty depressing and also unneccessary to my point of view. As was said before - what was the message there? Overall, I loved sets and costumes - since this was only the second time seeing NBOC, I was impressed with the entire company. I am glad we went - it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with my daughter - sharing her passion. One more note: Daughter went with school last night to see mixed bill. The dance she could not stop talking about was Elite Syncopations with Jennifer Founier. My 13 yr old daughter said "she was amazing" and that she was totally inspired! What a wonderful thing - inspiration! :-) Well, there are some thoughts of a ballet neophyte. Perhaps it is good to hear from the plebians at times :-)
  8. I am finding that some of the desirable videos are "special order" at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Any suggestions for other sources that might arrive before Christmas? Also, I am trying to decide between two Balanchine selections : Balanchine Selection from Jewels with Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins and includes Violin Concerto with Kay Mazzo or a triple bill video: Tzigane; Divertimento #15; and the Four Temperaments this also included S. Farrell, Peter Martins, Adam Luders, to name a few. Suggestions? [ November 19, 2001: Message edited by: tendumom ] [ November 19, 2001: Message edited by: tendumom ]
  9. I understand that Peter Martins has decreed that all technique classes will be taken in leather slippers. Pointe shoes will only be worn in designated pointe classes. Someone at SAB told the Artistic Director at my daughters studio that their students need to learn to use their feet better. Although I understand why overuse of pointe in students may be problematic, this is a big change for SAB - does anyone have any inside info as to why the change now? Litigation? Injuries? what?
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