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  1. Does anyone know any good ballet videos that go through the differnt steps and such??? Like a ballet basics video or something like that?
  2. Does anyone know where you can purchase the NYC Ballet Workout tape?? And does anyone know if it's any good?
  3. primapink26


    There is some unique and beautiful ballet pictures at this site: www.dancescapes.net
  4. Well the first ballet i went to was actually the Nutcracker;) however i have also been to Swan Lake and I absolutely LOVED it. the dancing is so beautiful as well as the music!
  5. I think Julie Hay is a extremely talented dancer!
  6. I'm not sure if this is in the right place, so feel free to move it! I was wondering, does anyone know any info about The School of Alberta Ballet?!?
  7. Mya the singer also does many types of dance along with ballet!
  8. does anyone know any books that give good information on pointe?
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