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  1. Could someone help me on this, as I can't seem to find a definitive answer: Was the Lilac Fairy a dancing or a non-dancing role in the original (1890) production (or subsequent Petipa productions) of The Sleeping Beauty? Thanks for your help!
  2. Thank you Dr. Steeg. As a composer of many years and student of Balanchine's work (and hence the New York City Ballet) for 2.5 years I second your opinion. I attended ALL of the fall 2012 and winter 2013 performances and most of the rehearsals; It is astonishing to realize the scope of the endeavor under Martins' stewardship. It is a not unrelated issue that, unlike what one has come to expect from a classical music review, dance reviews are often petty, tunnel-visioned, and just plain nasty. Very unfortunate that few display any broad, empathetic, and/or poetic vision for the art they have chosen (or have been chosen) to review. As Balanchine said, dance is music's little sister; as he himself knew well, that includes the quality of dance reviews.
  3. One hopes it is not dead! I have seen a brief video clip of Echoing of Trumpets, showing a truly unique and sophisticated artist. Very rare.
  4. In her article on George Balanchine in the International Encyclopedia of Dance (p.269), Ms. Croce says "Alone of male choreographers in this [20th] century, Balanchine could see women approximately as they saw themselves. And he was one of the few choreographers who could use the human body, particularly the female body, as a medium of fantasy in one work after another and never unintentionally violate its humanity..." I would be interested in (especially female) dancers' opinion on this statement, including comparisons with other choreographers.
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    Here is a video of presumably the piece you asked about. Daniel http://vimeo.com/54487898
  6. I hope I am following the rules (no doubt the moderator will correct me if not). I am a new member of Ballet Alert! I am a composer (and t'ai chi teacher) with a deep interest in Balanchine's use of bodies moving to music; I have a more general interest in the entire context (i.e., the history of ballet and related arts) that enabled Balanchine. Ballet Alert! appears to be a good place for serious discussion and relevant news. Thanks, Daniel
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