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  1. Sigh. I have nothing more to add to this except to express my deep sorrow for the reputation of all the ballet companies that don't have the deep pockets and cultural capital of NYCB. There's a ballet company in almost every town in the USA, due in no small measure to Mr. B (and Mr. K). Local worthies devote time and money to supporting ballet because they think it is beautiful and morally uplifting. I pray that none of this dirt sticks to them.
  2. I was specifically referring to D'amboise's recollections of going back to Washington Heights, not Ramasar or Catazaro.
  3. At this point it seems to me we stand here: Finlay, Ramasar and Catazaro (and others still unnamed, which may well be named) engaged in an exchange of emails that was reprehensible, repulsive and totally beyond the boundaries of bro talk. This is (sadly, IMO) not - yet - illegal in NY State. Governor Cuomo, your signature awaits. Hence, Waterbury took civil action. Ramasar and Catazaro are union members and their union will stand up for them. According to the strict rules of the contract, they may have a case. Not illegal, off-hours. I don't know. But I do know
  4. So happy that Longhitano has been named. What a class A creep. His Instagram account is now private. NYCB should be very selective about who they allow on their young patron's group.
  5. I don't want to read into your words, so... What was she supposed to do? What were her options? Ask for an apology? You are making it sound (to me) as if she's a shady shakedown racketeer. For those who ask why she didn't go to the police, It's not a criminal case where they will bring out the rape kit.
  6. According to Wikipedia, his father was a computer technician and his mother was an RN. Minority, yes, poor - not really. I'm glad AGMA will contest this. It's the only way for all the facts to come out.
  7. 100%. Nor do I see why the company's morale should be affected. Three spots open for talented younger men. Great. We'll find out exactly what happened WRT Catazaro and Ramasar. It's very unclear to me.
  8. From the NY Times: Mr. Scharf’s statement said that “New York City Ballet is confident that there is no basis for this lawsuit, and vehemently denies the allegations that the company has condoned, encouraged, or fostered the kind of activity that Mr. Finlay and the others named have participated in, which were off-hours activities that were not known, approved, or facilitated by NYCB.” Scharf didn't say, "activity that Mr. Finlay and the others named are alleged to have participated in..." Scharf said, "participated in." Scharf's statement was vetted by lawyers. He is the h
  9. This is true. Chase will probably never face the criminal charges he so richly deserves. Another reason not to feel sorry for him.
  10. PS to my earlier comment. Chase Finlay and all the others certainly do deserve to be humiliated. Absolutely. He humiliated her consciously without compassion, and against all morality, not to mention common sense. A little humiliation will do him good. They also deserve to be hated. I don't deserve to hate them, because hate only hurts the hater, but they do deserve hatred. if anybody doesn't like this, tough. I can live with that. I do not stand with humans who rape other humans. I do not stand with humans who kill other humans. I do not stand with humans who prevent other humans fr
  11. I dehumanized no one. I said I stand with Alexandra. Chase Finlay violated her. I take sides here, yes. And I would still like to know how Charles Scharf misspoke. Chase Finlay comes from an extremely privileged background. After copping a plea, he will go to college, probably work in his father's fancy architectural firm, and forget that he was ever a ballet dancer. I have limited stocks of compassion. I prefer to save my compassion for the victims.
  12. "Scharf misspoke" How? "Neither he nor NYCB can unilaterally declare that anything in the Waterbury complaint actually happened as claimed. " Sure he can - if he was shown the evidence. She's a young woman who was violated, and don't tell me that it hasn't been proven yet. It has been. Scharf said so. Read his statement. He doesn't dispute that she was violated, he's saying NYCB didn't have anything to do with it. Which may be true. And to me it's pretty obvious why the plaintiff is including both NYCB and Finlay as defendants - to put a wedge between them and force e
  13. Apologies - I just want to add two things before I reclaim my life. I didn't read Charles Scharf's statement until this morning. The statement is brutally clear: "or fostered the kind of activity that Mr. Finlay and the others named have participated in, which were off-hours activities that were not known, approved, or facilitated by NYCB. " http://gothamist.com/2018/09/05/nyc_ballet_lawsuit.php Scharf is the CEO of BNY Mellon and has the best lawyers on earth. NYCB has officially admitted that Finlay and others did do these things. The legal system will decide what they a
  14. I woke up this morning and was thinking of this. That has to stop, I have to get my life back, so I have a few parting thoughts. The defendant has 20 days to respond - although I suppose they can ask for an extension - can a lawyer here confirm that? There's nothing more of substance to say until that happens. So, with that in mind, a few thoughts before I sign off - Bouder had to say something. She's an outspoken feminist. I disagree with much of what she says but that's irrelevant. She had to speak out. I thought her statement was poorly written but she's a ballerina, not a w
  15. Minty Lee said: Yes, absolutely, but I have a hard time thinking that drinking and partying with underage girls went on, and then suddenly someone said, "Stop! This far and no farther." We're not supposed to speculate here, but it's not speculation to assume that under oath, people will be questioned about what happened in DC. And the questions will concern what happened with those underage girls at those parties, or that party.
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