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  1. That would be so cool to see.I'm so envious!
  2. I like to sit in the centre column, on the main floor, and about 6 rows back. If you sit too close to the stage, you can't see the dancers' feet. If you sit too far away, yu can't see their face as well.
  3. I am looking for some pictures for my computer. If anyone knows some good websites where I could either save some pictures to my computer, or download to my computer, post a reply with the link. It would be so helpful to me.
  4. Before reading this post, I had no idea about the difference between the Bravo family. Now when I go to a ballet, i can use those words in confidence. This was a great topic by the way.
  5. Before reading this post, I had no idea about the difference between the Bravo family. Now when I go to a ballet, i can use those words in confidence. This was a great topic by the way.
  6. Thanks for the description, I'll have to take a look at some of those other books. gwschloss
  7. I've actully met a lot of dancers, and I have talked to some of them for 30 mins plus! Some dancers really don't have much to say, but others REALLY do. I really enjoyed talking to them. I find that once you have met a dancer, the ones that were friendly to you stick in your mind for a long time, and you never really have anything bad to say about them. gwschloss
  8. What other ballet books do you own? I own Tributes-new york city ballet, the royal ballet, the ballet book, and a couple others. gwschloss
  9. I wish I could have seen it but AI live ibn Canada! Darcey Bussell is one of my favorite dancers! gwschloss
  10. Based in Montreal, there is a modern dance company called LaLaLa Human Steps. I was wondering if anyone had seen the company perform, of have heard anything about the company. I know one of the dancers in the company, and I'm just wonderign how well known the company is. I've never seen the company perform but I hear lots of good things about it. gwschloss
  11. I can't see the rest of nboc's performances because they arent on tour. I live in Alberta. I was out today with my parents in a coupkle of used bookstores. My dad found a book on nboc, called power to rise, and it was 6 bucks, and in almost perfect condition too! Canadian currency. If it was new, it would have been 70-80 dollars! Then we were at another used bookstore. They had the same book, but it was 50 bucks, and in even worse condition! I am so happy that I found that book, and for 6 bucks too! I bought it, and i'm glad! gwschloss
  12. I was lucky enough to catch it. I was on holiday flicking the channels, and I saw some dancing, so I watched it, and it was that special that you are talking about. It was really good. I really enjoyed it. I wish they'd air things like that more often. Did you catch Veronica Tennant's video dance 'TRIO'? gwschloss
  13. But thats not all rich canadians. There are some who give tons of money to more than just one art. There is a couple in my town that gave more money than all the commercial companies to build a orchestral venue. Don't blanket All rich canadians to not giving money. There are some. gwschloss
  14. I have found that ballet's have gotten bad reviews and then I went and loved it. I don't really care about the review as long as I liked it. But a successful ballet in my opinion is one that has a lot of people that liked it. Or one that ticket sales are great! Just going back to reviewers, I once read a review for a Midsummer Night's Dream, the ballet, and the reviewer said something like this: The storyline of this ballet is stupid. It circles around a man who turns into a donkey that falls in love! Yeah, like that would ever happen. When I read that, I burst out laughing. If you are going to criticise a ballet, careful how you do it. This reviewer wasn't critisizing the ballet, he was critizing Shakespeare's play!!! ;) gwschloss
  15. I chose personality because that is the ting that attracts my eye the most. All dancers have a high level of technique, they wouldn't get into a company if they didn't. But the ones who make it big are the one's that just have a presence about them. They make you feel. gwschloss
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