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  1. emhbunhead

    NYCB Roster: 2009-2010

    Matt has always been so talented and wonderful with a good head on his shoulders and an amazing, caring mother behind him. I wish nothing but the best for him.
  2. emhbunhead

    Pointe shoes...

    Depends on the company. I was given 12 pairs per season. Which means lots of jetglue.
  3. emhbunhead

    NYC Ballet Cuts Corps as Deficit Widens

    Often, during the season, company class is reduced from the usual hour and a half to just a 45 minute to an hour warm up. Maintaining and strengthening your technique is very hard to do in these short classes. The focus isn't on improving, but simply on warming up for the rehearsals that follow. Head to steps on any given morning, and the sign in list will read like a who's who of elite ballet. Not once does Sophie say that she never took company class. Let's not make assumptions. As someone who "just dissapeared" off a company roster, I can give first hand testimony to the sadness in thinking all those years of work have come down to just a delete key and bam, you're gone. It truly is devastating... Whether she should have done the article or not, that's her decision, and to each his own. And Sophie, if you read this, many people will tell you "this too shall pass" and "everything happens for a reason". Perhaps that's true, but just know that the sense of loss you are feeling is shared be many who have been in similiar situations. I cried reading your words. A year after I was gone from my company, in a city 700 miles away, a woman approached me and said "did you dance with (company)? I always loved watching you dance. We miss seeing your smile on stage". So don't worry, you're not just dissapearing. Someone will notice.
  4. emhbunhead

    Cutbacks at ABT announced

    Printcess, my thoughts exactly.
  5. emhbunhead

    Is there a level of too thin?

    As a dancer who's contract was not renewed due to being "too fat" at 5'6,108 lbs, I can personally atest that the pressure is still there. However, it also depends on the company. The one I performed with was extreme and one of the only, if not the only, one in the country that still performs weekly public weigh-ins. It does thrill me to see dancers like Gillian Murphy, who is thin, but also a woman. She doesn't look like she might snap in half. I also feel that many artistic directors put so much emphasize on thinness, without accounting for the fact that its disturbing to the regular ballet attendee. Audiences want to see a beautiful performance, not see someone struggling to dance because of being malnourished. Moderaters please delete if you feel this is too personal..
  6. emhbunhead

    NYCB 2008 Nutcracker

    A little delayed, I know.. But I saw the December 20th evening performance. Party scene was good.. Justin Peck and Amanda Hankes made lovely parents... The children were amazing, really enjoying their time on the stage. Snow was beautiful... The corps managed to stay together and not look sloppy, which I know has been a problem in the past. Fast forward to Act 2.. Hot Chocolate was good, nothing that amazed me though, just an acceptable performance. Savannah Lowery as coffee was dissapointing.. Very "wishywashy" if that makes any sense.. I didn't really get a sense of her owning the role, she just kind of did it. Daniel Ulbricht as tea I'm fairly certain hit his head on the roof with how high he jumped. Unfortunatly David Prottas as Candy Cane missed his hoop quite a few times.. But kept on going with a huge smile. Stephanie Zungre was a capable Marzipan.. Clean turns and sharp footwork. Polichinelles were adorable. Sara Mearns as Dewdrop literally took my breathe away. (And believe me I'm a tough critic.) She was absolutely mesmerizing.. It was as if she were moving through liquid. Beautiful phrasing, and a look of ease as though she were taking a stroll down the street while throwing off a triple pirouette. Now what happens when the Dewdrop is 30x better than the Sugarplum? A dissapointing ending! Poor Ben Millepied tried his darndest, but we still had a shaky, unsure sugarplum in Yvonne Borree. Arabesques hardly above 45 degrees.. Gripping her partners hand for dear life.. Finishing the pas with flailing chaines into a partner with a look of fear in his eyes. Thoroughly dissapointing. All in all, a good show.. Give or take a few bits!
  7. emhbunhead

    Christopher Maddox, Deirdre Carberry

    she was ballet mistress for columbia city ballet in SC for a few year in the late 90's but has since moved on.. to what i dont know...
  8. musnt forget recitals that stretch over three days... with each class doing six "numbers" and doing "ballet" to Wind Beneath My Wings
  9. emhbunhead


    some companies dont provide any health coverage at all.. and minimal pointe shoes
  10. emhbunhead


    keep in mind, those are for union companies, in non union companies, dancers make VERY little... trust me, i know from experience... its not enough to live on and some work for free
  11. most, if not all, of the russian dancers (mostly the males) i have ever danced with have had attitudes and arrogant attitudes, even refusing to do choreography at times...
  12. emhbunhead

    Autographed pointe shoes

    i collect them, but only ones i get signed personally in front of me, i dont buy them from gift shops. i have stacey calvert wendy whalen and paloma herrera, but they are autographed on my personal shoes, not on their own.
  13. emhbunhead

    Should there be a coryphee rank at NYCB?

    i nominate Glenn Keenan
  14. emhbunhead


    Congrats Tessie!!
  15. emhbunhead

    Serge Lavoie

    Please pray for us.... CCB has suffered a tremendous loss that can never be replaced... We Love You Serge..