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  1. An article in the Times on Bolle and his retirement. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/25/arts/roberto-bolle-american-ballet-theater.html
  2. Thanks for your thorough report, nanushka. I always look forward to seeing Graniero return to the Met from Washington every year, but I swear every time I see SL she's cast in the cygnettes, and every time she's the one who gets behind the music during the pas de chats. I wonder if she'll be cast again tonight. I'm also very much looking forward to seeing Shevchenko tonight. And, I'm curious to see if Whiteside has grown in this role since I last saw him in it several years ago with Part. He seems to be having a very good season, too. I'm less enthusiastic about seeing Hammoudi (I
  3. I don’t know that I can add much more to what others have said about Lane/Cornejo. When the final curtain came down, I was in shock and emotionally drained. They gave career-defining performances last night. They both had to wait a long time for such an opportunity and for Cornejo it came almost too late. His technique isn’t what it once was and he’s frequently dealing with injury, but he is a beautiful artist and a sensitive partner who gives 100% to every performance. In Act I, scene II, when Manon slides onto the bed and seduces Monsieur GM, my only thought was “whoa!”. That was not
  4. ABT Fan

    James Whiteside

    Whiteside danced in Thom Browne’s Paris runway show today. He flew in yesterday and I’m guessing will return to NYC by tomorrow. He was the only dancer in the show and danced en pointe. You can see some stills on his Instagram here. If you go to Browne’s Instagram and watch the live video in the stories, you can see him dance and watch the fashion show if you’re into that. Whiteside dances at the very beginning and end of the video.
  5. Unless injury forces him sooner, I think he'll hold out for a few more years. He's 37 and in two years it will be his 20th anniversary. I imagine he'd like to make it to that celebration. It is a shame that a principal dances for so few performances, but he's a star and a box office draw, so I'm sure management would very much like to keep him for as long as possible. If he wasn't dancing this season, or had already retired, I kinda doubt that all three of his performances would have gone to another company dancer - and, who? If the AD wanted Forster as Siegfried, he'd be dancing it this
  6. Yes, very good article. I suspect, however, that she'll be doing O/O sooner than she thinks. She's gonna be big.
  7. I am quite torn. I really want to see Bell's debut (I think he's going to be amazing) but last year Teuscher bored me to tears. It didn't help that she was paired with Stearns, but besides her non-existent character development and bland acting, I was shocked at how stiff she was so many of the iconic O/O poses were lost. I'm having a hard time convincing myself to cough up the money when I really, really don't want to see one of the leads. I may have to be satisfied with reading everyone's reviews afterwards.
  8. I will also be there! I agree she should have been given two, but the others are clearly more favored (esp Teuscher). I expect her to blow us all away.
  9. An article in the Washington Post about Mack’s guest appearances and how that all came about. It also mentions that he’s guesting with ENB in the fall. https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_dance/the-washington-ballet-let-brooklyn-mack-go-the-popular-dancer-landed-at-the-metropolitan-opera-house/2019/06/18/3b2364f8-8ee8-11e9-b162-8f6f41ec3c04_story.html?utm_term=.309c96dfab6c
  10. And, pray he has an uneventful week so I can see this on Friday! To those who go tonight, please post after.
  11. They do not list who is replacing who like at NYCB. Their calendar remains up on their website so you can always go back and see who performed what, but I don’t know for how far back it remains. I did check last year’s Met season recently and the casting was still there.
  12. True. I forgot about Hammoudi. He’d be the easier choice.
  13. His SL is a week and half away, so he could recover, depending on what his injury is of course. I think they'd want to be certain on who would replace him, and I also think they'd want to make sure no other injuries occur before deciding on that. Supposedly, Cornejo has recovered himself and will dance Manon this week. But, what if, god forbid, he re-injures himself again and has to be replaced in SL as well. Would Hallberg be willing/able to pick up a second SL? Would Stearns, Whiteside or Bell have to do 3 shows? Or, if those 3 guys are completely exhausted by then cause it's nearly th
  14. Disappointing but not unexpected. It will be good to see Hoven though, who is having a great season. So I will not get to see Simkin once this season. What a bummer.
  15. Last night was a great night, though I still missed Simkin, ending the day-long ballet gluttony on a good note. Shevchenko was elegant, regal, commanding and technically secure. Though, Brandt did out-do her at the matinee on a few of her pirouettes, especially the a la seconds. Shevchenko definitely brings some Russian glamour and her mime is always very clear. I’d be a fool to miss her Swan Lake. Mack.....wow! He tore up that stage and the crowd loved him. As noted above, no he’s not “refined “ and doesn’t have beautiful feet but his jumps are explosive with great ballon and his te
  16. Brandt was incredible this afternoon. I was very impressed! Her technique was nearly flawless and she’s mostly lost the open-mouthed affectation (it appeared slightly only a few times). She now presents herself as a ballerina, not just a promising soloist. To my amazement, Whiteside was terrific. I’ve always considered him a very good dancer, just boring, but today he displayed incredibly high jumps and overall exceptional dancing. He is also a very, very good partner, better than I’ve noticed before. He had Brandt spinning lightening fast in her supported pirouettes and every lift looked easy
  17. Cornejo and Simkin are still listed for their assignments starting Tuesday so hoping that means they’ve both recovered.
  18. So I guess no one saw the Teuscher/Williams cast? I was curious to hear about Williams particularly since this was her first big debut.
  19. I agree with this. Once Bell is promoted I don’t expect him to remain a soloist for long, as long as he continues to meet every challenge and debut thrown at him which I’d expect. It say two years tops before he’s made a principal. I’d also add that what I’ve seen of Bell so far this season (I will get to see his Lankendem tomorrow) he has shown great advancement in maturity and command since last year and is a natural and confident partner. He never looks out of his element or like he’s in over his head. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Shayer. And, I’m not just talking about this sea
  20. Simkin just posted this. Amazing. You can see where he uncharacteristically fell out of his last jump so maybe that’s where he injured himself.
  21. I saw her Queen of the Dryads last year, a debut, and she was beautiful. She needed more authority, but technically and otherwise artistically she was gorgeous. I am so looking forward to tomorrow (I’m doing a double-hitter) even though both Cornejo and Simkin won’t be dancing. 😫 The two female casts are excellent not to mention getting to see Mack and the other fellas’ debuts.
  22. If he can't do SL, I imagine Whiteside will cover. He's only doing one SL and it's on Tuesday, whereas Simkin's is on Thursday. And, Whiteside has partnered Boylston many times. Or, could we see a debut for Forster? He's got two weeks from today to prepare! Who would take his Lescaut, though? Hoven and Royal could split. Has Simkin ever been out injured? Assuming he is, this may be a first.
  23. Oh no, oh no, oh no! Simkin has been replaced as Ali for the rest of his performances! Whiteside and Ahn cover. I was SO looking forward to seeing him Saturday night. He must be injured?! https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  24. Boylston has an Instagram story up with Manon rehearsal footage of her and Hallberg.
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