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  1. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and good wishes. I'm one of the lucky ones. I live in Astoria, Queens and never lost power, heat or hot water. No flooding by me either. At least half of my co-workers weren't so lucky and are still without power and heat and overnight temperatures are now close to freezing. Several had to leave their homes due to damage from flooding. One co-worker who lives in Long Island City won't have power for at least another week. She and her husband stayed with me for 2 days before going to their in-laws in PA for some semblance of normalcy. This is one ti
  2. I think in general that this is a great move for ABT. Although CC is smaller, I will miss it purely for the grand beauty that it is, especially now following their renovation. I just hope that with moving to the Koch Theatre, ABT will still continue their fall tradition of showing only mixed repertory and not throw in any big full-length ballets since Koch will be able to handle those productions, obviously. I'm a big lover of the Swan Lake's and Giselle's, etc., but we get enough of those classics during the Met season. From what I've read here and heard elsewhere, the public (and I think
  3. I nearly gagged when I read that. Koch doesn't own the theatre nor the ballet companies (or the other arts institutions) that perform there, no matter how large his contributions.
  4. I was also at Thursday night’s performance and for the most part really loved it. I hadn’t seen Leaves are Fading in many years, yet remember the central ppd virtually step by step. I had seen Amanda McKerrow perform it years ago (she and her husband, John Gardner, staged this) and she will probably be the standard to which I hold this. I thought Hee Seo and Roberto Bolle made a really nice pair and had some lovely moments, but I thought they were missing the yearning and subtlety that this ppd requires (especially Seo). It’s not about high extensions and big lifts, in my opinion. Once th
  5. I think Misty would make an excellent Kitri. Any suggestions for her Basilio? I am impatiently waiting for Sarah Lane to be cast as Juliet - I think she would be incredible. Glad she has another Aurora coming up and some ppd's. But, is she following in Stella's footsteps to be a soloist forever? Speaking of, Stella and Sascha don't appear to have been cast much in the Spring, although some casting, say for Symphony C, hasn't been announced yet. Anyone know why Kristi Boone hasn't been dancing much for awhile? I assume she's been injured but I haven't heard. Her Siren in Prodigal Son a
  6. Well said! Couldn't agree more.
  7. Thank you California for posting that wonderful clip! I agree with GeorgeB fan that Marcelo's love for his partner is always evident and that he is the best male ballet partner today - at least the best that I have seen. It's not just that Marcelo's partnering is flawless, strong and engaging, but that he doesn't differentiate between "dancing" and "partnering". With a lot of male dancers, even if they're good partners, there is an visual separation between when they do their own steps (as in "now I'm down stage right doing entrechats") and when they partner ("now I'm stage left spinning my
  8. From the New York Times: September 18, 2012, 5:23 pm Dance Magazine Names Lifetime Achievement Award Winners By DANIEL J. WAKIN Dance Magazine has named the winners of its annual lifetime achievement awards. They are Julie Kent, a principal dancer at American Ballet Theater; Renee Robinson, a member of the Alvin Ailey company since 1981; the tap dancer Dianne Walker; and the former New York Times dance critic Anna Kisselgoff. The honors will be bestowed on Dec. 3 at the Ailey Citigroup Theater. ------------- Congratulations to all! I've been wondering if we'll soon be upon Juli
  9. Great to see Stearns cast as Iago (I assume). That's against type, in my opinion; nice challenge. Wonderful about Lane getting Stars/Stripes. Strange to see so many of the principals missing from the CC season (which was already announced), but at the same time I love getting to see the soloists and some corps members in more prominent roles.
  10. I agree...or Other Dances, which was created for Makarova & Baryshnikov by Robbins (the latter two being past KC Honorees). Yes - that would be terrific too!
  11. I second that! And, great to see that they're honoring a dancer this year. I think a Swan Lake ppd (especially the Black Swan ppd) would be an appropriate on-stage tribute for Markarova.
  12. "Cory Stearns: Cory is developing - his Albrecht with Hee Seo showed strong improvement as an interpreter and in his technique. He has beautiful line and finishes his steps elegantly. He isn't flashy but has a long-limbed open lyrical style of dancing that has potential. I did not see his Romeo this year but did see the Siegfried and Conrad partnering Veronika Part. This is not a good combination. Her authority, womanliness and depth make him seem very bland and boyish - totally callow and out of his league. That is IT right now for the regular male principals. Let's talk about the male guests
  13. Thanks mom2! I'm new here, but just found the ABT page where that topic has been discussed. Looking forwarding to joining it!
  14. Hi everyone! So ABT just announced that James Whiteside, a former principal from the Boston Ballet, has joined as a Soloist. I've never seen him dance, but hopefully will get to see him at the City Center season in Oct. What do others think of the current Soloists at ABT? Why do you think the elegant Stella Abrera has never been promoted to Principal? There are a few corps members that I think should be promoted already - Shevchenko, Tamm, Teuscher, Gorak. They're overflowing with talent and potential.
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