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  1. Also - Woetzel would have been great a few years ago. I think he may be too senior now and not in tip top shape. But 10 yrs ago, I'd say definitely yes.
  2. What a fantastic idea! Gomes and Fairchild definitely. No to Vasiliev. How about Angel Corella? (Even though he's trying to run Barcelona Ballet.) Osipova yes. Tiler Peck and Sarah Lane too. I think Guillem is too senior.
  3. That's my all-time favorite! The rhythms and personality make me smile every time. If I'm watching "Singing" on video, sometimes I'll rewind it after the Moses number to watch it again (and again!).
  4. ABT Fan

    Stella Abrera

    Most of the time ABT doesn't appear to be interested in promoting from within, as evidenced by their hiring outside guests artists and principals. But, they promoted Seo up from the corps (she started w/ the Studio Co.) and many people agree that they're grooming Boylston to be the next principal. Unfortunately, their preference for developing dancers seems not nearly as important as bringing in seasoned stars.
  5. ABT Fan

    Stella Abrera

    Stella has always been one of my favorite dancers and she should have been promoted years ago. I will never understand that. I’ve never seen a less than wonderful performance from her and have been following her for years. Whether she’s dancing Myrta (possibly my favorite role of hers), Lilac Fairy, or in any one of Alexei’s ballets, her technique is rock solid and she infuses each role with a lovely luminosity. She’s never disappointed me. However, she is now about 35 actually, and I believe her time to be promoted has passed. ABT missed a great opportunity. But, now I can understand
  6. Well said! Couldn't agree more.
  7. Thank you California for posting that wonderful clip! I agree with GeorgeB fan that Marcelo's love for his partner is always evident and that he is the best male ballet partner today - at least the best that I have seen. It's not just that Marcelo's partnering is flawless, strong and engaging, but that he doesn't differentiate between "dancing" and "partnering". With a lot of male dancers, even if they're good partners, there is an visual separation between when they do their own steps (as in "now I'm down stage right doing entrechats") and when they partner ("now I'm stage left spinning my
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