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  1. Thank you, Alexandra, Helene, and all the administrators who give their time and energy to Ballrt Alert!
  2. So very late to this, but thank you, Helene, for a lovely Christmas t blessing. Happy New Year to our Ballet Alert! community.
  3. And the WaPo's statement about possible physical abuse of Heather Watts.
  4. Yes, I agree, abatt. When I read that (admittedly in the wee hours of the morn and so, not yet fully awake), I was confused at this being an example of abuse.,
  5. I do not think Woetzel would leave his Julliard post, that's why said he was a longshot. But before he was appointed to it, I'd thought he would be a strong contender to lead NYCB when Martins retired.
  6. As I think about it more, the timing couldn't be better for Suzanne to come on board to serve a critical need, coaching or otherwise.
  7. Hi Birdsall and canbelto! My first live NYCB Nutcracker (2011?) had Tiler Peck dancing Dewdrop and she was the highlight for me, in a Nutcracker performance that really blew me away overall. She was stunning then so I am happy to hear these reports. I would LOVE to see Sterling in SPF - she is so tiny and exquisite. And Tess as Dewdrop, too, I'm sure is a treat.
  8. To this and cobweb's comment about the performances, I'm sure everyone is feeling demoralized and uncertain, given the Martins news. Best thing that could happen is for an interim director to be appointed immediately for leadership needs and whoever assumes AD permanently is well-chosen and a great fit, and not hastily installed as a reaction to this shake-up.
  9. Oh, how I wish Suzanne would return to the company in some important way!! Tiler is just so great!
  10. I guess because Darci is Martins' wife and because she hasn't, as far as I know, evinced any interest in leading the company. My comment is not intended to slight her in any way; I just don't see this as a possibility.
  11. Kathleen, that is about as eloquent, sound and elegant a statement I've read on this subject and I thank you for it.
  12. This is distressing news, but why am I not surprised with sexual harassment allegations surfacing almost daily. My feeling is Martins will almost certainly step down. And it worries me - what direction will a new AD take our beloved company? Who to replace Peter Martins? I would love to see Suzanne Farrell, Kyra Nichols, Edward Villella or Damien Woetzel come on board, but perhaps except for Kyra, they're all longshots. Perhaps Heather Watts?
  13. Loved this. I have always loved Joni Mitchell's music - amazing, glass-like, poetic lyrics, vocals unlike any other and wild, gorgeous tunes- what an artist! I, too, am sad that Ms Mitchell is not in good health. Thank you for posting this, Pherenk.
  14. Hi Daniel - thank you. An interesting and provocative thought because many of us can view interpretations of Balanchine through the lens of 'how should the piece look' or 'is it being performed in Balanchine's style', or 'does the company understand Balanchine?'. As for Merrill Ashley coaching Diamonds a few years ago, yes, I remember that and it was discussed in an issue of Ballet Review. Also, the program from the LC Jewels performance I attended (Bolshoi performing Diamonds) states that the staging is by Merrill and Paul Boos.
  15. Daniel, I would LOVE to hear their thoughts about how Balanchine is performed today, by both NYCB and other companies. I wonder if they still coach, as Merrill Ashley, Maria Calegari and others do.
  16. Greetings, orangerose and welcome to Ballet Alert! Ah, Giselle - what a great introduction to live ballet! Giselle is one of my absolute favorite ballets and ballet heroines (and a favorite to sooooo many others here on BA ) - you will find many interesting and intelligent opinions and comments on this gem of a ballet. I hope to hear more from you soon.
  17. Rest in Peace, Mr Campbell. I loved your music, your great guitar playing, and your warm, sad voice. Wichita Lineman! We'll remember you in your songs. Thank you.
  18. Oh my word! What beauty. Alexandra is stunning, fragile but imperial, her dancing is so lovely and she has such presence. This is really special. Thank you, vipa.
  19. Thanks, nanushka and abatt, for these links. I have the Goldner essays but I'll read the other two.
  20. Thank you, Gnossie, for your answers to my questions and your opinions - I have some thoughts and will respond later.
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