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  1. Thank you, Kathleen, this is great! Resending with the link properly expressed, thanks to Jack Reed. 😎 Now it’s a real link!! 💃🏻
  2. This came to my e-mailbox from Google Alerts: George Balanchine Subject of Dance Lecture. I'd love to see Nancy Lasalle's book of photographs, mentioned in this news article. https://www.capenews.net/arts_and_entertainment/george-balanchine-subject-of-dance-lecture/article_6d58dd99-219f-54ad-8bf2-f0bb76838484.htmld
  3. Re the City Center BO being closed - that is terrible customer service!! I don’t blame you if you were fit to be tied, rkoretzky.
  4. The very final performance on Sunday, Nov 4, 3pm. I had wanted to go Nov 1, but it’s not possible. I’m pleased I’ll be able to partake!! And you will see two performances - so nice.
  5. I’m glad you finally got tickets, rkoretzky. I’m appalled at the service fees! $9.75 per ticket just too much. I purchased online two weeks ago and paid the same.
  6. Yes, that is correct regarding last time Liebeslieder was performed by the company.
  7. I am not a big fan of Zahkarova. A perfectly wonderful DVD of Giselle: Dutch National Ballet with Anna Tsygankova and Jozef Varga. Also Igone deJongh as Myrta. Solo and ensemble dancing of a very high quality. I just love this production and DVD.
  8. I also appreciate your digging up this information, Kathleen - thank you.
  9. Here is the Saratogian review of the Gala program. http://www.saratogian.com/article/ST/20180722/NEWS/180729924 . I truly enjoyed The Four Seasons and Other Dances. It was great to see an unusual Robbins work (The Four Seasons) that was delightful and festive in so many ways, and a bit offbeat. Everyone danced so well and joyously. Tiler Peck was amazing, as always. I enjoyed the Verdi score, too. I haven't seen a lot of Robbins in the past few years. Of course, I don't get to the NY performances very often. Erica Pereira was replaced by Lauren King and Adrian Danchig-Waring was replaced, but by whom, I cannot remember. Usually I have a pen in my purse but not this time. Other Dances was gorgeous and I was happy to have the opportunity to focus on Ashley's and Joaquin's beautiful dancing and study the choreography - I haven't seen it in several years. Throughout, knowing Tiler dances this role, too, I was envisioning her take on it. This takes nothing away from Ashley's performance. I will miss Joaquin. I wasn't very impressed with either of the occasion pieces. Except that I do believe Tiler Peck can do anything. Her versatility is breathtaking! Lauren Lovette was adorable as Maria in the WSS number. Everybody danced their hearts out and that was wonderful. The Gala was fun pre- and post-performance and on the grounds. In the amphitheater, it seems SPAC suspends a few considerations, including seating people after the performance starts. And audience members feel more free to talk, text and take pictures, which is very distracting. Oh, and I met Mr. Robert Maiorano. He is often there and was in the line-up at the 50th anniversary dedication to Balanchine and Kirstein on the Walk of Fame, but I didn't know who he was. Now I do, and he was very friendly and fun to talk with. I hope I see him again there next year.
  10. I just bought tickets in the rear mezz (row L, I think) for Nov 4 matinee for my husband, myself and his Aunt, who lives in Manhattan. It should be wonderful and I’m especially excited about seeing Symphonie Concertante and POB dancing Midsummer Night Dream Pas de deux. The whole program looks great!
  11. This is excellent, thank you, maps. It makes me so sad to think of George Balanchine’s death and how it affected America’s and, of course, New York City’s ballet community. I love Baryshnikov’s tribute. This is excellent, thank you, maps. It makes me so sad to think of George Balanchine’s death and how it affected America’s and, of course, New York City’s ballet community. I love Baryshnikov’s tribute.
  12. This is the clip I mentioned today. It’s from Dancing for Mr B: Six Ballerinas, a great documentary from Anne Belle.
  13. I couldn’t agree more, rkorestzky. With 7 performances, one of the mats could have had mixed rep, instead of a 3rd R&J. For example, a Balanchine, a Robbins and perhaps Pulcinella Variations, which would have thematically worked well. It’s very frustrating, disheartening and sad that NYCB is given short-shrift with this new director.
  14. I didn’t hear that! When was that announced, FPF? I was hoping to hear at the opening of the evening; all I heard was Sobol’s welcome and her salute to Joaquin DeLuz. One week again? Truly sad. What are they thinking?? Ugh. Thank you for the information. Yes, it is good news - we’ve all been worried NYCB would be cut out completely.
  15. Thank you, Nanushka. The programs I’d love to see are Program II, Thu eve, and Program VI, Sun matinee. It would be fun to see two different companies dance Tchai Pas, see no less than 5 new companies (Royal, Mariinsky, SFB, Joffrey and POB!), besides being able to cheer on our own beloved NYCB and ABT. I think I can only do one of them, living in Albany, and it will probably be the matinee, but I’d love to make that work!! Could also do both matinees, repeating 4Ts.
  16. I need to do better homework on the thread - I see the work is indeed for violin and viola and I do believe Maria and Tanny danced it. Thank you if anyone wants to confirm.
  17. Is Symphonie Concertante the piece Maria Tallchief talks about that she and Tanny danced, one a viola and the other a violin?
  18. Hi FPF, Thank you and I will reply regarding a contact when I’m on my way up to Saratoga. I appreciate your weighing in on the Gala as this is my first and I’ve been seeing this company at SPAC since 1980! I received the 25% thank you for attending Ballet Nacional de Cuba in June and attending Tue night. The discounts showed up in my email the day after my first attended performance. (I saw BNC twice and the Balanchine twice). I hope we all enjoy tonight’s performance. Looking most forward to Four Seasons and Other Dances. Wish I’d seen the Pulcinella Suite Thu night. Re my post above, I must qualify my B+ grade on Square Dance Tue and Wed. After thinking about it more, these dancers deserve an A. It just wasn’t the crispest I’ve seen Square Dance danced. I remember a perfect Ashley Bouder once, and the PBS of Miami City Ballet dancing it is seared in my memory and is probably the benchmark for all subsequent performances of this stunning ballet for me. Jeanette Delgado and Renan Cerdeiro - heaven. Who the heck am I to rate these dancers with ‘grades’, anyway! Best to everyone.
  19. Greetings, All, It has indeed been a wonderful, albeit extremely brief, summer season at SPAC with our beloved NYCB. I cannot call it a residency, which is what it's supposed to be, with just seven performances. Hopefully, the company will be back for two weeks next year. I haven't heard much on that front. The two evenings of Balanchine were terrific, especially Four Temperaments and Symphony in C. How I love both of those works, both musically and choreographically - well, I love the Corelli and Vivaldi of Square Dance, too! Unfortunately, I had to leave Wed night during 3rd movement Symphony in C because of the long drive home (30-ish miles), which I was doing alone, so I bypassed the big wait to get out and on the road before I was truly tired. My husband joined me for Tuesday night and the company has not disappointed in any of the performances I've seen. Someone on BA said Square Dance was good and that Ms. Pereira doesn't project especially, (with which I agree, but I like her dancing, nonetheless), and I thought the company danced the piece well overall. So I'd give it a B+ 😊. As usual, I'm strapped for time, so I'll continue in this meandering style. I saw yesterday's matinee of Romeo + Juliet with Lauren Lovette and, cast change, Peter Walker, I believe, in place of Taylor Stanley as Romeo. I hope Mr Stanley hasn't injured himself. Lauren Lovette was superb, so beautiful and projecting a girlish, on-the-brink-of-womanhood Juliet, full of her famous resolve and steely character. I also loved Peter Walker, and the duo had a good chemistry, I think. I don't particularly love this production, but I found good things to enjoy and love about it, wishing I could have seen Friday night's performance with Sterling Hyltin and Harrison Coll. Everyone danced so great. Tonight it's the Gala, which I usually avoid, but I received a 25% coupon and I am intrigued to see Four Seasons and again Other Dances and the new Peck. From everything I've read about Something To Dance About, I'm not expecting a great ballet, although I will go with an open mind and heart. it seems a little frenetic, lots of cast and costume changes, as Elizabeth Sobol of SPAC said: "There's a closing piece called Something to Dance About and it's like 30 dancers in 30 minutes and 130 costume changes." Whew. Speaking of SPAC, I wish they'd organize their box office better. Instead of dedicated Will Call, this performance and then other performances lines, they just had everyone in line, no matter what their needs. Hence, I waited TWENTY minutes to buy my R&J ticket, missing the first 15 minutes of the performance. I couldn't arrive at SPAC sooner due other appointments. Boy, was I annoyed. Anyway, I am (as are others on this forum) fervently hoping for two weeks next year. I have emailed SPAC already once earlier in the spring and will again to voice my opinion. New York City Ballet is the beloved jewel in SPAC's crown and they would be so short-sighted and wrong to keep the season at one week. Have a great day.
  20. Agreed, Cargill, and well said, Eduardo, and an interesting description.
  21. Hello, Everyone. I see some of you will be at Giselle 2 pm tomorrow. So will I!!! Should we meet up near 'Christian's Bar' (that's the Met bar, correct?). I have a seat in Row G - thought of changing it, after reading above, but they want $30 dollars to exchange! Unbelievable. I'll live with it. I do hope my sight view won't be impeded. I'm very excited about my trip down and can't wait to see Sarah and Danil dance!
  22. How beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting this , maps. It also filled me with sweet anticipation for tomorrow's performance of Sarah Lane in Giselle! Woopee!!!
  23. Oh, I've been offline a bit and just hearing about Nini. What a beautiful life force she was! I loved her im Ballets Russes and her performance in Midsummer is breathtaking to me. It makes me cry. Reat in Peace, Ms Theilade.
  24. This is such sad news. I saw Sean dance many times. Rest In Peace, dear Sean.
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