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  1. Thank you, FPF. I’m worried about that, too, even said it to my husband at dinner when I heard of the cancellation. I only found out because my friend texted me. Wasn’t listening to the news, but when the six o’clock news was on TV, all I heard (I admit I was only listening with half an ear) was about the race track being closed. But by then I’d already heard about SPAC. It would have been brutal for the dancers. I imagine it’s terrible tonight. But no email to subscribers? I get emails from SPAC every day!
  2. Thank you for your reviews, FPF. I so wish I went up to SPAC tonight. I’m glad you enjoyed it and happy to hear about Megan’s and Anthony’s great dancing.
  3. Just want to weigh in on the one program I saw on Tues opening night and Thu matinee. I really enjoyed all three ballets and I enjoyed seeing them twice, which occurs with frequency at SPAC now due to the very short residency at SPAC. I agree with FNP about Elizebeth Sobol. She seems to have no interest in ballet and her comments were perfunctory. And why didn’t Jonathan Stafford and Wendy Whelan come out and welcome the season? It was very disappointing. Is anyone having the feeling I am having? Is this the end of a 50+ year privilege? I couldn’t help but think this with the lukewarm welcome our beautiful company received. The audience was responsive, I’m happy to say. I was in the balcony Tues and in the Orchestra on Thu. I think I got more out of seeing Serenade these two times more than ever. I’ve seen it a number of times but it was very special to me this week. I was in awe of the patterns and choreography. My eyesight plays tricks on me, though. Was Lauren Lovette Waltz Girl? And Megan LeCrone the Dark Angel? Likewise, Mozartiana. What a complex and provocative ballet. I love the choreography in this ballet, too. The three leads were terrific and Sarah’s Preghiera was full of drama and gravitas, beautifully danced. Daniel ‘s Gigue, the Menuet and T and V were wonderful, too. I had never seen Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto #2! I just loved it. Although I read Nancy Goldner’s essay AFTER seeing both performances (kicking myself that I didn’t read it BEFORE), I appreciate the Petipa homage and traditional choreography, ala Balanchine. The dancing was terrific (the dancing the whole evening was terrific, in my opinion) and Tess Reichlen and Russell Janzen were just fabulous. The orchestra sounded great and I love the acoustics at SPAC. All in all, a great evening and afternoon, despite the heat. And a tribute to the variety and genius that is George Balanchine. On that note, I’m very sad about tomorrow, both for the dancers and for the attendees. I wish I’d known earlier that tomorrow was being cancelled; I think I’d have jumped in the car and driven up for tonight ‘s Coppelia. So I probably won’t see NYCB’s Coppelia for a long time. So sad. Did anyone get an email from SPAC re the cancelled performance? I didn’t.
  4. My husband and I are saying the same thing. This has never happened before. We are very sad and we were attending, but it’s better to be safe.
  5. Thank you for the update, Canbelto. So sorry to hear of these injuries 😔.
  6. Thank you, Nanushka. I just love Sarah Lane. I find her dancing exquisite and measured.
  7. VERY disappointed to see that Maria is not dancing Mozartiana. I’ve been out of the loop a bit - I hope she’s not injured? I’m seeing both of those performances and one Coppelia, July 20 mat. Perhaps I should just stay there on Thursday after the matinee and see the first cast of Coppelia with Megan Fairchild. And is something going on with Tiler Peck? Thank you, FPF, I received that offer, too, but alas, I had already purchased my tickets.
  8. I just sent a check, Helene, to the Abbotts Station Drive address. Thank you.
  9. Helene, I have been offline for quite some time, so I will contribute to BA this week. Thank you, as always, to you and our BA community.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/entertainment/theater_dance/bringing-suzanne-farrell-back-into-the-new-york-city-ballet-studios-is-a-step-in-the-right-direction/2019/04/11/5da046f2-5c8b-11e9-b8e3-b03311fbbbfe_story.html Hello, This is exciting and welcome news! Oh, my! I didn’t see this anywhere on BA, so my apologies if I missed someone else’s post.
  11. I’m so happy for everyone, especially Joseph Gordon!! Great news!!!
  12. Thanks, FPF. With all the problems associated with the lawsuit, I’m relieved the company will perform in its summer home; not feeling good about Elizebeth Sobol as manager. I’m sad there will be only 7 performances again.
  13. This was July 20, 2016. Robert Maiorano lives up in Saratoga County, I believe, so I see him often at the ballet. I met him this season at the Gala event. He’s very warm and friendly.
  14. Thank you, Helene. I appreciate your adding my pics. As I look at this again, I think the man behind everyone is perhaps an emcee. The man in the white suit is Robert Maiorano. But I don’t know who is standing next to Peter Martins (beige/tan suit).
  15. I deleted most of the quote due to its length. I just want to thank you, tutu, for your informative response.
  16. I have skimmed this mega-thread and the amended complaint, but please forgive if I’ve gotten something wrong or misunderstood something, as I only skimmed. And I have such a jumble of thoughts and emotions over this that I’ve refrained from posting much of anything on this thread. I find it hard to believe SAB and NYCB have NO code of conduct. Parents don’t blithely send their children away to school without knowing school policies and protections, etc. I know the complaint states that, but (and I am not an attorney), I was struck by many ‘charges’ in the complaint stated as facts when they are not yet proven to be facts. I am not referring to the specific allegations with the texting and sharing but other broader statements that charge NYCB and SAB, such as stating there is no code of conduct. That said, I am appalled and very sad about this mess. As artists and dancers, they represented something higher and greater than themselves - their art. I just don’t know what else to say. Except that I believe NYCB and SAB will see this crisis through and be the better for it. I have faith in that. I wish they would appoint a new AD sooner than later as I think it would boost morale and give them the leadership it really needs right now. And thanks to everyone here on BA! for your insightful posts and contributions.
  17. This news made me terribly sad, especially in the wake of this ghastly situation at NYCB. What a beautiful dancer was Mr Mitchell. And his Puck! He makes me laugh every time I watch this clip with his antics. And then at the end, his magnificent grace and power as he defiantly pirouettes, driven for good out of Titania’s fairy bower. When SPAC added Balanchine’s and Kirstein’s stars on its Walk of Fame in July 2016, the 50th anniversary year of NYCB at SPAC, many dancers came to pay tribute, among them Jacques d’Amboise, Karin VonAroldingen, Patricia McBride, and Arthur Mitchell. I wish I could post the picture I took of them to share with you. It was a poignant tribute and a very special day, seeing all those dancers from a golden age, hugging each other and reminiscing. It was a gathering of Titans! I’m sure they are all very sad at Mr Mitchell‘s passing, Suzanne Farrell, as well. Rest in Peace, Mr Mitchell. We will miss you and remember your grace and style, your beautiful smile and your great contributions to ballet and dance.
  18. I agree. I have alot to say about this terrible, appalling mess, but I’m not up to it right now. What I’ll say here is that these are MEN. They’re responsible for the maintenance and respectability of their careers.
  19. This is such sad, sad news. I remember Peter Frame but my knowledge and experience of ballet was in its infancy; my husband remembers him better than I. Mr. Frame was by all accounts a devoted dancer, coach and instructor. May he rest in peace.
  20. ETA: You can download a PDF of Ballet Review's article on the book here: http://www.balletreview.com/images/Ballet_Review_45-2_Balanchine.pdf It contains reproductions of some of the photos as well as Suki Schorer's accompanying text, although the quality of the photos is not very high. I’m not sure how I missed this as I am a Ballet Review subscriber 🤔. I’ll read it tonight.
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