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  1. It is indeed sad, but mostly a loss to the ballet world. College is a great personal choice for them at this juncture in their lives. Who killed their dreams? That is the question.
  2. Couldn't be happier for Alston! Such a beautiful, smart, talented and artistic dancer! NYCB chose well on this one! ;)
  3. Bigger question: What is with ballet dancers flocking to Broadway? I see a trend, and am wondering why? Is ballet not enough for them? Does ballet not offer enough of a living salary? Is there a bigger perspective that needs to be looked at towards a declining ballet culture? This may be a question(s) for another thread....
  4. "Ballet isn't a modelling business. It's about dancing." Maria Kochetkova
  5. What is the connection between dancing and modelling? It seems to be prevalent in the ballet world.....
  6. Here is another review: http://www.criticaldance.org/2015/06/04/the-school-of-american-ballet-2015-workshop-performance/
  7. Miriam Miller was promoted to Apprentice this past Fall/Winter from SAB. Very kind and stunning young girl.
  8. The nursery for ballet choreographers needs to start at the high-school level, and needs to take root in the major ballet schools. An apprenticeship with a major choreographer (i.e., Peck, Wheeldon, etc.) would be an amazing start for anyone, female or male. I know SAB female students are being heavily encouraged to go outside and explore other choreographers besides Balanchine. They are also given a lot of rehearsal and performance time to show their pieces to the Board, family and friends of the school. Perhaps major companies should spotlight these young choreographers in between their popular ballet pieces during the season. What a treat it would be to see young talent showcase their pieces to a paying audience.
  9. The School of American Ballet is currently doing a special showing for the women only who choreographed in their most recent Choreographic Workshop. Those girls produced some beautiful pieces on each other!!! There's hope!
  10. What ballet should be -- accessible and public, and in a variety of footwear!
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