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  1. Disagree. There is a huge diversity within the style as well. Why isn't Sara Mearns the same as Ashley Bouder the same as Megan Fairchild? They all graduated from SAB. It's Because of DIVERSITY!!!!
  2. Even within that training, there is great diversity of style and technique!!! How can you notice bodies to comment on "one pound or five pounds" and not notice the diversity of style and technique within the company???? Seems like we emphasize too much on body weight and less on dancing.
  3. Diversity is an emphasis for this company. Not just diversity of color, but diversity of dancing styles, musicality, thinking, and body types. I embrace the fact that this is not a homogeneous group of white, emaciated, string beans. We need to encourage this diversity to protect mental health amongst our dancers.
  4. The most important critique you can make about a dancer is their dancing ability, musicality and stage presence -- weight comments, at the 5 pound mark, are not valid and, in fact, are very detrimental to the mental health and psyche of all dancers.
  5. I agree fondofouttes! While I know there are dancers who are naturally thin, Wendy Whelan's recent posts are a cause of concern for many reasons. They depict a human body suffering and emaciated and unhealthy.
  6. Ahhh! I love reading reviews that finally end in embracing dancing above physicality! Thank you for your honest review RoyalBlue! All too often dancers are hired and assessed for their physical looks and not their superb dancing ability, athleticism, and musicality = their art,
  7. As a former parent I can say this to be true: Many times, these underage dancers are not sharing what is really happening with their parents -- particularly parents of dancers who are not living in NY. Especially in light of the fact that these girls know if they did share, any parent in their right mind would pluck them out of that environment in a heartbeat, ending or delaying their hard won career opportunities at NYCB. There is a culture of silence in that environment that needs to change. I hope, for SAB/NYCB sake, that when they move forward from this debacle, they move with the intent of providing non-biased advocates for these young students and provide an environment where honestly is valued. There needs to be a pivotal change in culture moving forward.
  8. Hmm, Clara Ruf Maldonado was an apprentice at NYCB for the past two years. She did not attend the PD program nor was she a Level VIII. Although I could be mistaken.....
  9. Aurora - I do not advocate a police state -- I advocate a drug-free society. I also am a public education educator who was submitted to a drug test before employment. My four children and all of their friends are submitted to drug tests for employment as well. I do not intend for dancers, or any human, to go to jail, but to get the help and counseling they need to lead a fulfilling, drug-free, and healthy career in dance. Because it would better the situation that exists today. And I speak from direct experience. You make false equivalencies when you equate my desires to those of Donald Trump. I acknowledge a problem that many brush under the rug in this area. And I hope I get what I want, because what I want is for the greater good.
  10. I disagree wholeheartedly. Scarce resources should be spent on the health of the dancers. Mandatory drug testing should be done at all feeder schools that are connected to professional companies as well. ;) You can not leave this up to Artistic Directors as they can have a conflict of interest of sorts. For example, teachers and/or artistic directors are involved in recreational drug use as well or encouraging unhealthy eating disorders by praising students for looking "really good and working hard", when in fact they induced vomiting right before class. Education is key, but is only effective to those who are open to receiving it.
  11. I am certainly going to follow up with her on this conversation on many levels. It is amazing what people will say to you to make you question the validity of a complimentary review that was written about one's daughter's performance. The green-eyed monster strikes again. Thanks for your input.
  12. I was having a conversation about reviews written in New York Times, Broadway Review, etc. with a friend, and she told me that "you know, all of those reviews are paid for by the ballet companies." Is this true? I am deeply disturbed and intrigued by the potential honesty of this statement. Any feedback out there about the integrity of published ballet reviews?
  13. There is another program like this: Chicago Multicultural Dance Center. It is run by Homer Hans Bryant. Provides amazing training and ballet discipline for girls and boys in Chicago. Check it out and support!
  14. I've watched ABT do Balanchine......not the same as NYCB.
  15. I'd say they certainly "won" on November 13, etc., etc.. I will keep my family "safe" at home this summer. But, look forward to reading the reviews here! And praying for everyone's safety of course!
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