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  1. I've also enjoyed reading your reports Birdsall, as I had been considering a Baden Baden trip myself. Of course, it wouldn't be the same as seeing the Mariinsky in their home theatre, but for those of us already based in Europe, it would certainly be much more convenient. Thanks for creating this thread.
  2. I enjoyed the shouting! It added something lively. Would love to see more of that in ballets. It made me realise how dancers are such silent moving images.
  3. Janneke

    Joy Womack

    I thought it was very odd that she made it so public about auditioning for other companies over the summer. That would be considered bad form in any industry. That and the negative comments about a teacher in another video, filming class every day, and all the other drama... I'm not surprised she's unpopular with her colleagues at all.
  4. Anyone got wind of official word about Yulia's next move yet? I really hope we'll get to see more of her soon.
  5. I don't think there has been anything much "leaked" at all. To the contrary, the Mariinksy press office gave the information that she was leaving soon. Stepanova does not run that Facebook page, and on her Instagram, she is nothing but gracious. I agree, all these fans urging each other to pester Mariinsky etc. is very annoying, but in general the story around her is simply "Why isn't she getting better parts? What a disgrace!" Hardly confidential.
  6. I am so, so curious to know where she's going. I really didn't expect her to leave Mariinsky, as I had the impression she is quite loyal to the theatre. Yet from that email, it seems her departure is quite imminent, despite the season just starting. Curiouser and curiouser... Hopefully the suspense doesn't continue for too long!
  7. Sometimes I wonder if they do things like this just to spite zealous Stepanova fans.
  8. Hurrah hurrah! Another thing I love about this dancer is that she seems so very gracious. If you look around on her Instagram linked to above, you can see that she is very sweet in the way she thanks her supporters for their appreciation. I hope that her star will rise this season.
  9. Agree. I find the English cover and titles a bit generic. It seems like a totally different story!
  10. I've heard it being (unceremoniously) called a "ring leap".
  11. Novelty? I've seen so much new media art with motion sensors though, that I'm a bit over it, but having said that, it could be used to create some fantastic effects and silhouettes onstage...
  12. Great news! I hope someone in the audience will document and put it up on Youtube... In fact I am sure someone will.
  13. Janneke

    Natalia Makarova

    I was looking for somewhere to share this lovely BBC documentary "Makarova Returns", about her return to St Petersburgh in 1989: I found her comments towards the end rather interesting, as she perceives a movement from the poetic to something more earth bound in dancers of the time. Although she's speaking more than twenty years ago, we seem to be saying the same thing repeatedly in 2013. (Mods: I did a search and wasn't sure whether it was more appropriate to create a new thread or add to the existing thread, as it is so old. Please move this post if necessary.)
  14. Janneke


    Statuesque Skorik appears in next month's Harper's Bazaar: http://fashnberry.com/editorials/oksana-skorik-by-valery-katsuba-for-harpers-bazaar-uk-november-2013/
  15. That is very funny! I love his sense of humour (and of course ballet humour is always great when the ballet is great).
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