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  1. I agree! I saw Ramasar in the 4th movement on Sunday, and the audience greeted him with the same joyful enthusiasm as they did on Saturday. Wonderful performance and great to have him back!
  2. I am so sorry to hear about the empty house this week, but I guess I’m not surprised. Bring back Bright Stream if you want to show Ratmansky. I’d love to see that again. It’s rare that my first set of ABT tickets starts with week three. Like many on BA, the spring ballet season at Lincoln Center has always been a particularly exciting time of year with ABT and NYCB in town at the same time. The first few weeks of ABT’s repeat programming make it a no brainer this year as I don’t even have to choose between the two companies. I always loved the abundance of ballets performing opposite each other at the same time. I’m still “toying” with the idea of seeing a Harlequinade this week even though I saw it twice last year. But that's mostly because I can't see myself missing the first few weeks of ABT. Thanks to everyone for their reviews as it reminded me of how much the children dance in Harlequinade. While I enjoy the children for a few minutes, twenty minutes is too much when I am really there for the adult dancing. I've pretty much decided to skip Whipped Cream this year as I’ve already seen it four times. However I am going through ABT withdrawal so who knows.....
  3. Last year I had a similar situation and ABT's website was more up to date than the Met's website. I had even asked box office staff and they said ABT's website was probably more up to date, and in that particular case they were right. That being said, a couple of years ago, the Met website was more up to date than ABT's website. So if you still haven't bought your tickets, and need to be sure before buying them, I'd call ABT. Of course casting changes all the time, and could still change again.
  4. I agree with California that the regular rows in Grand Tier are great for their unobstructed views, however they are further away from the stage than I like. I usually sit in the Orchestra, but since I'm short I have to contend with heads in my way as California noted. If only the MET had the Koch sight lines!
  5. I agree with abatt about the boxes. Not only do people move their chairs around which affects everyone else in the box, but you'll probably wind up with a stiff neck trying to see around people who move their chairs around or crane their necks. That's been my experience. They are awful seats, and I would only consider them if they were the only seats available for a sold out ballet. And no, you will not be able to see facial expressions from that distance without opera glasses.
  6. I received an e-mail from ABT with discount codes for certain performances. Details below: Give Mom the Gift of Dance this Mother’s Day For a limited time only, purchase Orchestra tickets at 25% off the regular price for select performances. Use the promo code ABTMoms to receive 25% off. This offer expires May 13. Visit the Metropolitan Opera House Opera Box Office or call 212-362-6000 to order. *Tickets are subject to availability ABT Mother’s Day Discount Performances: HARLEQUINADE Tuesday, May 14 Wednesday, May 15 Thursday, May 16 Friday, May 17 Saturday, May 18 WHIPPED CREAM Friday, May 24 Saturday, May 25 matinee Monday, May 27 Tuesday, May 28 Wednesday, May 29 THE SLEEPING BEAUTY Monday, July 1 Tuesday, July 2 Wednesday, July 3 Thursday, July 4 matinee Friday, July 5 Saturday, July 6
  7. Thank you KikiRVA. I can't wait to see him! Just to let you know, there is also a thread under NYCB for Spring 2019 where members are discussing this. https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/44588-spring-2019/page/3/
  8. I see you checked out their website! Yes, the Joyce has some amazing programs. And since it's a small intimate theater, you're never that far from the action. As I mentioned above, you won't have the scenery, but the intimacy of a small venue makes up for that. I hope you are able to see one of their programs, especially if you're in town for NYCB or ABT (or both during the spring season).
  9. Thank you! I didn't see week 4 posted earlier today, and forgot to check again. I have tickets for one of the his performances with Mearns.
  10. I'm so jealous! Have a wonderful time! By the way, if you happen to be in NY in early July, top dancers from the RDB will be performing at the Joyce. I saw them the last time they were here, and it was a lovely program. You won't have the beautiful scenery as with a full company in larger venue, but the Joyce is a lovely intimate theater. Below is the information from the Joyce website: The Bournonville Legacy - JUL 9–14 Top dancers of the Royal Danish Ballet, revered as the world’s third oldest ballet company, come together to bring the best of August Bournonville to The Joyce. Featuring distinctive repertoire from classical ballets such as La Sylphide, Napoli, and A Folktale.
  11. An interesting parallel between Ramasar and Gordon. I enjoy watching both dancers as they delight, thrill, and amaze me all at the same time. I was happy when Amar was re-hired, and very anxious to see him dance again. For now, I just keep watching the casting sheets.
  12. I hope you get to see Shevchenko's O/O this year as she is positively breathtaking. And I thought Whiteside partnered her well and did himself proud. I didn't see Teuscher's Swan Lake last year. I saw her debut of the role two years ago, and like you, I thought she showed great promise. Having said that, I felt she needed a stronger partner. I’m absolutely thrilled that she’s going to dance SL with Bell this year, especially since they were so beautiful in R&J last season.
  13. Thank you Helene. I just watched the Scherzo in the link above (thank you canbelto!) and I can see what you're talking about. It is definitely technically demanding. I wonder if today's dancer's are up to the challenge. I'd love to see it in performance.
  14. I know, why hasn't ABT performed it for so long? The audience always seems to enjoy it. It's unlikely I will make it to DC in October, but it is very tempting. At least I made it to two Mariinsky Corsaires a couple of weeks ago.
  15. I never even realized that one of the movements was removed, but perhaps I've never seen it. Do you know if that performance in 1989 was a one off, or were they including the Scherzo at that time? The first time I saw Western Symphony could have been about that time, but it may have been the early 90's. I started attending NYCB in 1988.
  16. What a shame that you can't find anything that you like. I already have a stupid amount of performances and I'm trying to resist buying additional tickets until we get closer to performances (because of casting changes). So far, only one of my ballets is Ratmansky (Sleeping Beauty), but I'll probably add Harlequinade and/or Whipped Cream as the mood strikes me. Yes, I've seen them a bunch of times but this is the next to last eight week season for ABT, and I plan to get my fill. And of course part of the ABT season is wedged in with my NYCB performances, but I love ballet overload in the spring! Hope you can find something that you'll enjoy!
  17. Mearns not commenting on social media is not indicative of a position one way or the other.
  18. Wow, she had me almost in tears. Congrats to a beautiful dancer.
  19. Shame on him for wasting such wonderful talent, especially since she had such a lovely debut...hiccups and all. She certainly deserves a second chance. I especially loved her Odette. The longer he keeps her out of the role, the less likely she is to return to it.
  20. While ABT's production is not a particularly good, there have been some very exciting O/O debuts in the last couple of years. Most notably Shevchenko and Teuscher. Both are great, but Shevchenko leaves me totally drained from screaming so much.
  21. For what it's worth, Wikipedia has Ramasar as being born 1981/1982. Elsewhere I have seen an exact birth date of 12/9/81. Either way he is no older than 37 right now. Interesting that in an ABT thread everyone wants to see Gomes dance again (me included). Gomes was born 9/26/79 and will be 40 this year. So why is Ramasar aging out, while someone two years his senior not? By the way, I am huge fan of both dancers, and it was a joy to see Gomes dance with Sarasota Ballet. It left me wanting for more. As an aside, De Luz was in his 40's when he retired.
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