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    Writing a book featuring La Bayadère, and I want to learn as much about it, including proper ballet terminology.
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  1. I saw the Royal ballet performance last night and loved it, as did my daughters and husband. I have a different take on the basket dance now that I've seen it all the way through. Nikiya could be dancing with a smile because she wants to prove she can't be broken, and then when the snake bit her, her true feelings came out. This puts a new perspective into the scene I wrote. Art is truly subjective. It's still going to take several listens to the score to be familiar with them enough to identify them in the ballet. I ordered the DVD of the performance in France from Netflix and plan to watch that one next. I also ran to the score last night, and I loved it so much I'm going to alternate classical music with my other music in my cardio from now on.
  2. LOL, you do make an excellent point about Nikiya's state of mind. However, the happy dance fits with my story, and it was so beautiful because my character was in a bad state before she danced, which then soon turns to darkness during the reveal of what lies hidden in the basket, so it fit with my story line. By the way, I did read the Wikipedia version, but I never trust it as my only source for any of my story research. I prefer to get personal opinions from people who actually are well versed in the subject of which I'm writing...which is why I signed on here. I could never get the personal opinions and responses that I've so far received here! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks, I was thinking of doing the same thing, and I most definitely will mention when the book is published! I'll post in this thread, but my book is not directly a story about ballet, but it's a big part of my character's life, and I love how it almost magically fit into my her personal thread as Nikiya was her last role. It was like serendipity struck when I discovered this ballet. I need the passion to come out in the character's performance. This particular ballet in my book actually veers off the plot when Nikiya reaches into the basket of flowers. She discovers something else inside, but it's closely related to the meaning and reason behind Nikiya's refusal to accept the antidote. This why I call it serendipity! I'm so glad I found this ballet. I can't tell you how much depth and emotion this added to my character. Wow, am I glad I signed up for this forum. I never realized just how many variations of this ballet were out there. I saw the basket dance of which you speak on Youtube and have included this in my scene, so you pretty much answered my question on which version I need to focus on. I found a copy of the music you suggested on Emusic. I do lots of cardio and get many story ideas this way. Maybe I'll try this on my run tonight! Thanks again for all your help. And if anyone wants to add anything further, I will check back often as I love the research aspect of writing!
  4. Thanks for your quick reply. I'm having fun learning about all the ballet terminology, etc. I was going to watch the Paris Opera Ballet this evening. Are you saying that the dances don't always line up with Ludwig Minkus's score? If I watch the ballet with a list of the music, does that mean it won't be in the same order as the composer's. Sorry, if I sound confused because I am! LOL. I wish I could find a program somewhere that would show me what piece is performed with what dance. If not, I guess I don't have to actually name the piece of music and just set the scene of how the dance is performed. I want to be as accurate as possible. Also something to consider, if there are different versions, it might not make sense to include the song title and just capture the atmosphere. Any opinions? Thanks again. I appreciate your help.
  5. Hi everyone: I'm an author with a main character who is a ballerina. I scoured the internet and discovered the captivating La Bayadère. From the moment I read what it was about I was drawn in because the storyline mirrors my own character's interior journey. I've already watched the famous "Kingdom of the Shades," along with the death of Nikiya and grande finale where Solor and Nikiya are reunited. I would like to know the name of the music that corresponds with each dance. I have the titles but have no clue where they fall within the performance. I was thinking of following the list as I watch the full ballet tonight with my daughters. I've searched the internet and can't seem to find anything to help me, and I so want to get this right in my novel. I wrote out the scene yesterday, and it makes me more passionate about getting it right because it worked out so well with my character's inner growth. Are there any sites that have a program guide that displays what piece of music corresponds to a particular dance? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as well as any comments about this ballet. I've read several already in this forum, but I wouldn't mind hearing more about this wonderful ballet. Thanks!
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