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  1. Just found this interview in one of my favorite blog and is about a group from Dutch National lead by Vito Mazzeo that is going to perform in Italy http://www.gramilano.com/2014/10/interview-vito-mazzeo-whos-bringing-ballet-friends-italy/ and there is a video too, but there is no program announced
  2. It is not true that Sylve never had a good partnership with other men, I remember enjoing the partnership with Villanoba and Helimets, and specially with Vito Mazzeo, now Principal Dancer with the Dutch National Ballet. The two of them were always paired for new ballet created on them, it comes in my mind Borderlands, the Ratmansky piece made for SFB , Number Nine and several other ballet like Continuum, or Suite en Blanc, Chroma, Ghost, and I remember fireworks in a SFB gala in Black Swan.
  3. Thanks for the review! Last time I saw Lezhnina was last year in Giselle in Spain, and she was beautiful. Glad you liked Maia Makhateli Remi Wörtmeyer and Vito Mazzeo.
  4. Apparently the cast will stay the same as the premiere. Paquita Tsygankova Varga R and J De Jongh Herd Duet Tsygankova Varga Manon Jurgita Dronina Isaac Hernandez Raymonda Lezhinina Shesterikov Tchaikovsky pas de deuz Makhateli Remi Wortmeier Replay Igone de Jongh Vito Mazzeo Old Man and me Lezhinina
  5. On May 20th Dutch National Ballet organize a Farewell perfomance for Larissa Lezhnina the famous Russian Ballerina. Here the program http://www.operaballet.nl/en/doublebill/2013-2014/show/ballerina
  6. Can you tell us more?
  7. Thanks Meunier for giving us this description!
  8. Vito Mazzeo is not retired or dancing in Italy , it seems that is currently dancing as a Principal Dancer with the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. This official page says that he came back to Europe https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vito-Mazzeo/234263613315588?ref=hl
  9. David Halberg and Marcelo Gomes from ABT, Friedman Vogel from Stuttgart Ballet, Vito Mazzeo from San Francisco Ballet,Roberto Bolle from La Scala and Nureyev above all.
  10. Such a sad news, and Dutch National is so lucky to have him, he was my favourite here in SFB. I wish good luck to him and please come back soon.
  11. I just found the Official Facebook page of Vito Mazzeo https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vito-Mazzeo/234263613315588 And the Twitter page too https://twitter.com/VitoMazzeo1 Very interesting photos, video and news.
  12. Vito Mazzeo, SF Ballet Principal, will guest with Rome Opera Ballet in Don Quixote the 30th of december, 3rd and 5th of January.
  13. Vito Mazzeo a Principal with the San Francisco Ballet is going to guest with Rome Opera Ballet in Don Quixote on the 30th December and 3rd and 4th of January. I saw Mazzeo last week in Nutcracker with SF Ballet and in the DC tour in R&J , love his dancing, pure and amazing lines and extension.
  14. I' am very glad that you liked Sylve and Mazzeo a lot, we love them here in San Francisco. They are both amazing classical and contemporary dancer.
  15. Why not Vito Mazzeo Principal of San Francisco Ballet? Is Good , Handsome and tall.... here a link with some video and interview, i think is great.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRHA0IbR3n4
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