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  1. LaraP

    Ballet movies? (General question)

    Thank you all for such a warm welcome - and for so many amazing suggestions. I'm immediately adding The Red Shoes and Nijinsky to my list (among others). All of you are incredible, and I'm so glad I asked. You all also "get it." Now, I must go hunt down some great films! Thank you all again.
  2. Hope some of you can help me compile a personal "to do" list of the best ballet movies. I just got Netflix (yes, late to the party), and I can't find a single thing I like at the moment. Former dancer here, and for years I've avoided watching any dance-related movies - for some reason, it made me overwhelmingly sad (I miss it, I really do). Now I'm old enough to know for sure I can't dance anymore (okay, maybe in the living room when no one else is home), so I'm jumping in. I've been scouring the web for some "best ever dance movies" and honestly, few include a lot of ballet films? Not sure what's up with that, of course yes "Black Swan" gets a mention constantly. What about "The Company?" Someone recommended one called "The Red Shoes?" I can't find it to save my life though. I've seen "The Turning Point" and it remains an all-time favorite (good grief the drama!). Any help would be much appreciated. These are the lists I looked at, and as you'll see, the choices are decidedly NOT ballet-slanted: The Best Dance Movies Ever Made (This one is a 'voted on' list, very very mainstream and lots of choices - I spotted a few ballet gems that might be good, oh and I voted, LOL) My Favorite Ballet Movies ('Center Stage' is mentioned here) The Best Ballet Movies (kind of clunky to get through, lots of ads and such, but 'The Red Shoes' gets a mention, as does 'The Company') Anyway, thanks to all in advance. We have a long, cold winter coming up and I'd love to have several ballet films lined up to watch. Best, LaraP