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  1. Although I saw ballet performances from an early age, I think the company that probably was the closest to my heart was London's Festival Ballet, which became eventually English National Ballet. My parents and I belonged to their club, which was totally different from the various "Friends" organisations that exist today. We joined almost from the beginning and the membership was very special. My mother and I would "man the table" every now and then in the Royal Festival Hall trying to recruit new members. In the days before mass communication services this was the only way. The club had e
  2. The trouble with Giselle with Anton Dolin is that I remember seeing it with my parents when Dolin was already rather too old to be dancing. Everytime he "collapsed" because of the cruel treatment of the Willis, my mother would make some sarcastic remark about the poor old man needing a break to rest up. I'm sure he was great in his day, though, just carried on too long. Maybe I should try and find a film of him as a young dancer to dispel this terrible image I have of him thanks to my Mum! The clip with Karsavina was lovely and that film of Les Sylphides with her ideal cast is beautiful -
  3. I don't think that Nureyev's style suits Bournonville - it somehow looks wrong on him. Flemming Flindt has a totally different quality to his dancing.
  4. What the Fille with Nerina and Blair is on DVD? Is it really, Albany Girl? How lovely! What I am finding rather satisfying, as they release all these archive films, is the fact that my heroes of yesteryear were actually as good as I remember them to be! I have a film of Giselle with Ulanova, whom I saw for the first time when the Bolshoi came to London in 1956, and her technique was amazing and her acting was unbelievable - She seemed to live the part. And the divine Beriosova in the Les Sylphides extract posted above was indeed divine! And now Nerina - such ballon, such technique and such
  5. Oh dear the National Gallery in Washington and there I was hoping it was London's National Gallery, because I missed the V & A exhibition. Hmm how can I influence hubby to adding a visit to Washington on our schedule this summer........
  6. Whilst flipping through youtube links, as one does, I came across a radio interview with ballerina Nadia Nerina, who was at the time considered to be one of the greatest technicians in the world. The interviewer asked her about that and, if I remember rightly, she explained that she had initially concentrated on building the strongest technique that she could, so that later on she could forget about it and concentrate on the feeling. She was absolutely delightful in "Fille" able to play the part and act it delicately without exaggeration and she was equally wonderful in the big ballets - her
  7. This has been such an interesting discussion. Thank you for posting the little videos - the last Les Sylphides extract was a gem with the beautiful Beriosova and Markova. It led me to clicking on to Nerina and Blair in Ashton's La Fille Mal Gardee and had me wallowing in youthful memories of visits to the "Garden" in the 1960's. Just as Les Sylphides is Fokine's nod to the early Romantic era, so I always feel that Fille is Ashton's nod to the later Romantic era as it has a touch of Coppelia in it style wise. I think that what we forget is that if and when we do see the old Romantic balle
  8. Wonderful - thank you for posting. Do you have any idea who the other guests were - their names are on the tip of my tongue and I just can't think!
  9. Yes, it is a good story! They were both blondes so it didn't notice too much and they changed tunics. However the story of artistic generosity actually continues in this way. Everyone was madly busy coaching the new Mercutio for his fight and death scene in the interval, but I had a different problem - he was also supposed to take part in the comic scene with me as Nurse when I bring the message from Juliet to Romeo about the wedding. In this scene the "boys" including Mercutio tease me unmercifully and it's quite slapstick. I realised that the replacement had enough on his plate without wor
  10. The British form of writing the date in the order of day, month, year only applies when writing it thus - 23.7.70. I think the more common usage would be to write July 23rd rather than 23rd July, although as rg notes probably both are acceptable. What a wonderful archive posting - thank you. It's interesting to see how bulky Baryshnikov's thighs were when he first came to England. They fined down later on in his career. Different training I suppose......
  11. This is a link to the G.B.L Wilson archive gallery at the Royal Academy of Dance http://www.arenapal.com/files/newsletter/Newsletter_34_October/G_B_L_Wilson_Photographic_Archive.htm "It was Wilson's interest in photography and his friendships with dancers that have led to the existence of this rich photographic ballet archive. A keen photographer since childhood, Wilson began photographing ballet in 1941. His enthusiasm and his ability to build lasting friendships gave him access to dancers not only in performance situations but also off-stage, in rehearsals and at social functions. Once the
  12. On one performance that I did of Romeo and Juliet with the Israel Ballet (I play the Nurse) the soloist dancing Mercutio landed badly from his variation near the end of the first act and broke his ankle. Unable to continue he helped coach his understudy (who was dancing Benvolio)in the interval to replace him in the second act. He then came and sat on the well in the town square scenes in order to help prompt him discreetly. I doubt that the audience even realised that Benvolio had become Mercutio, but all of those who were there will never forget that performance. I don't know if that is ar
  13. There are many lovely pas de deux, but if I were stranded on a desert island (!) I would be happy to watch MacMillan's R & J balcony pdd over and over again! Many many years ago there was an exhibition of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, showing both the opera and ballet companies. It was in the days before video and so it was very thrilling to be able to watch ballet extracts on TV screens dotted round the exhibition. One of them was that balcony pdd with Fonteyn and Nureyev and I just stood there watching it multiple times, unable to drag myself away from it! Oh yes and the f
  14. Hamorah


    Oh that must have been wonderful - I think Cojocaru is gorgeous - I'd love to see her in Manon. Still I have to say that I have a very soft spot for the recording of Dowell with Jenny Penney in the leading roles with lovely ginger haired David Wall. Fantastic cast. That bedroom pas de deux ranks up there with R & J's balcony pas de deux as something I can watch over and over again and not tire of it.......
  15. Well, it's not haunting as such, more in the catchy category, but I would like to add the clog dance from Fille Mal Gardee - dadada dadada dadada dadada dum pum pum. OK I've started you all off, so altogether now - dadada dadada dadada dadada dum pum pum ad infinitum..............
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