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  1. Apologies for having begun this Gladstein Book reference. I am now told, without explanation, that this is a work NOT for me. This from a teacher who says he knows. My guardian mentor is always asking after old SFB stuff, looking for mention of someone she knew from that company who she lost long ago, thinking that such items are just laying about now that I am in this country and visiting on this coast. I somewhat naturally assumed that this was such a work.
  2. Excellent topic in regards the business of ballet company evolving, making and driving. Just the sort of work that I have been asked to look for, and now I know where to look. Thanks for identifying and describing the work. Can you tell if a book that is desribed as a posthumous revelation on living as a dancer, by a Robert Gladstein is available? The book was to be published exactly 20 years after his passing. I have not been able to find a copy and wonder if any of you can tell if it is worth a search? Perhaps you might just tell why such a seemingly good idea was to be published so long after passing?
  3. Perhaps this is but an element of a kind of evolution of american ballet. One might not be surprised that one day there will be a homeless ballet, sans specific choreographic intent. Without apparent purpose, just rounded up folks compelled to be kept wandering about the stage whilst the doorman's radio plays some blurred folk tunes from mount idee(sic), with variations consisting of individuals staggering downstage to inquire if they might please go, now. Who knows what the bosses will want?
  4. Mein Gosh, what a recipe for a troubled dish of limited appeal. This may flow from the small refence in a local mall type paper that was quoted to a friend as a humorous wonder that reflects on the "family's anger and determination to change the policy" that was expressed by the apparent subject "child" who was denied participation in some role that she had chosen for herself. The rejection was apparently based on her age ( too old or too young was not discussed ) and her size ( also not revealed ). I do not know the board involvement, but schucks folks; is this too dang much? The country is nertz.
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