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  1. It's good to see this topic being revived. Back in 2006, Herman Stevens raised a question:

    The latter I'm afraid, but with a new director that may change. Bear in mind that Mason was a MacMillan dancer and the rep in recent years has reflected this. I've read Ashton didn't much care for her, if that is true then by mostly ignoring his works she has extracted her revenge.

    A ridiculous statment. Read or watch the current interviews. She has done anything but extract revenge.

  2. In my neck of the woods every rehearsal and performance is a "service." A performance fee does not include rehearsals.

    Sorry having a bad day being clear.

    Essentially every time they are rehearsing or performing they are being paid by the hour. Hence the myriad of stories of tempos played fast or curtains coming down to avoid over time pay. ;-)

  3. From Wikiepedia:

    "The ballet, in one act, is set in a fashionable Viennese finishing school for girls during the 1840s. The headmistress has invited the cadets of the city's military academy to attend a ball celebrating the graduation of the senior class. The senior and junior girls have planned a series of divertissements as the evening's entertainment and are greatly excited by the event. Flirtations, exuberant dances, and a secret romance ensue.'

    I had the pleasure of performing it in two company's and staging it for a ballet school. A wonderful experience on all levels!

  4. Wow, great review by Joel Lobenthal: http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/culture/2012/02/5366853/muse-many-faces-ballerina-tanaquil-le-clercqs-life-and-times-and-aft

    He should write a pictorial biography since he wrote such a great article in Ballet Review.

    I don't find it a good "review" really. However the information he provides is very interesting and appears to be factual. As it has been

    said, time for Lobenthal and Brubach to team together and produce that tome!

  5. i think the point of great fiction would be to envision what imaginary characters think or feel, imaginary being the operative word. there are people out there who knew her a little and those who knew her not at all. she didn't share; what your author is "sharing" is an imagination and her name is being used to sell the book and create "buzz" or whatever word is used nowadays. i'd rather read an imagined history of an imagined character. but i don't find the concept respectful and i will not read the book.

    Well said Mme. Hermine. Exactly how I feel about the matter and I am hoping this "buzz" will produce the long awaited biography to materialize.

  6. Dear Mine gosh,

    I think we and you are perhaps being had. The quote is quite amusing, yes. That a mall paper, unless somehow compelled to print this child's sqwawk by an IMPORTANT parent, contains such exclusive stuff along with the cream, chicken, cilantro and celery adverts is just too much. Then again there was the once reported case with SF Ballet where a fat kiddee was rejected for Nutcracker, I seem to recall, and suits were threatened by the litigious parents, whose lipid state was not reported. There was no follow-up to that which is remembered here. I like the nertz bit. The genuine subject, interfering boards, is important.

    Idiots every where I see. Perhaps the "Chron" is more reputable.


  7. All sounds like they've got a wonderful opportunity then in joining the other company, if it is offering more chances to dance before they are 30, original repertory, and touring freedom... maybe they'd be nuts not to go?

    As always Amy news like this encourages discussion about what "we" want. A dancers career is short compared to many others. Some feel the need to take more chances than others. O/V certainly dont't need my permission to make career decisions. ;-)

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