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  1. Interesting: I don't remember anyone in London linking Infra directly with the terrorist bombs, or even mentioning that - it was (and still is, so far as I know) seen as a more general reflection on the stress of living in a busy city and the loneliness that can exist in the middle of crowds. But maybe I just didn't read the programme note...
  2. Also you might be interested in a couple of earlier discussions: http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/14281-plastique http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/26348-plastique/#comment-219359
  3. ENB have released the film as part of the publicity for their current run of Mary Skeaping's version, which is gaining wonderful reviews, by the way, and has some amazing casts, including Cojocaru and Rojo as Giselle (Rojo wasn't going to do it but they have a lot of injuries in the company so she changed her mind). There's more detail about the film here .
  4. English National Ballet has just put a full recording of the 1951 film of Anton Dolin's production of Giselle on its YouTube channel - it's a cut down version - about 30 minutes - but I don't think we've ever seen this much of Markova's Giselle before.
  5. Eva Kistrup's review of this programme - she's very enthusiastic about the new Starpov piece, rather less so about some of the rest of the evening.
  6. When I saw the trailer for this show I was a bit surprised that the Konservatoriet section seemed to be filmed in rehearsal clothes - but apparently those are actually the costumes for this short run, intended for people new to ballet. Interesting... Oliver Starpov's new piece seems to be getting a very good reception on Facebook - there's also a formal review in Berlinske but you can't read beyond the first paragraph without a subscription - overall rating is 4 stars out of 6.
  7. The last RDB performance of Alice, for this season, was also Charles Andersen's last performance with the company before moving to Australia. He was dancing the Mad Hatter a role that would suit him to perfection, I imagine, and I remember him with pleasure as Harlequin in La Sonnambula, Marty in Night Shadow - but most of all as probably the best Lensky in my experience, dancing the solo before the duel with a romantic freedom I've never seen equalled.
  8. If you can access the BBC's iPlayer you can watch a long interview with Peter Wright, shown for the first time yesterday. I haven't watched all the way through yet but it is getting excellent feedback and there are some rare and luscious clips - some of the Class programme from 1964, with Lynn Seymour at the barre and Park, Gable, Dowell , Wells,,, also to be glimpsed, and an extract from Wright's production of Sleeping Beauty for the RB in 1970, including what must surely be the best awakening kiss ever and Ashton's 'awakening' pas de deux danced by Sibley and Dowell.
  9. This performance of Romeo and Juliet was shown on Danish television last week and can be seen here https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/opera-og-ballet-det-kgl-teater-tv/-/romeo-og-julie-ballet-fra-det-kgl-teater#!/ until Decemeber 31st..
  10. The Canadian dancer Alexander Bozinoff was promoted to soloist this morning - he joined the RDB in 2011 and has danced the Prince in Nutcracker and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet in the last couple of years, and is doing the White Rabbit in the current run of Wheeldon's Alice. (Hubbe seems in a generous mood this last year or so - that's four new male soloists as well as the three women who've been promoted to principal!)
  11. You have to go through the performances one by one to discover the various casts, so to save anyone the time, there are 4 casts (with one or 2 variations) - in the order Alice/White Rabbit/Jack/Queen of Hearts/Mad Hatter they are Praetorius/Kupinski/Kaas/Matiakis/Andersen Baldwin/Lendorf/Birkkjaer/Elbo/Dean Dorger/Fransson/Dean/Watson/Andersen Crandall/Bozinoff/Chmelensky/Grinder/Andersen Bozinoff covers for Lendorf late in the run, and Crandall gets a Queen of Hearts in the Baldwin cast Grinder as the Queen of Hearts! - that could be a collector's item. I'd guess both Andersen and Dean will make brilliant Mad Hatters.
  12. Alexander Meinertz is not easy to please so a 6 star review from him is quite an accolade as well as quite a surprise! Run this through Google translate - it's an amazing read.
  13. The RDB's production of Christopher Wheeldon's Alice opens at the beginning of December and they have just produced a short trailer - this is presumably the first cast which is (I think) Ida Praetorius as Alice, Alban Lendorf as the White Rabbit, Gregory Dean as the Mad Hatter and Kizzy Matiakis as the Queen of Hearts. The Knave of Hearts doesn't appear but one would be not be surprised if he turned out to be Andreas Kaas.
  14. Yes! (sorry, only just managed to find it on the web)
  15. The Royal Swedish Ballet has just given the first performances of a revival/reconstruction of Bournonville's vaudeville ballet Ponte Molle 150 years after its creation. Some background in a piece from Pointe magazine here , including a video showing some brief extracts. There's also a longer video here showing the BOurnonville team - Frank Andersen, Dinna Bjorn and Eva Kloborg - discussing their work, with the Swedish ballerina Natalie Nordquist showing some of the details of the style. Anyone seen it? I'd love to hear about it.
  16. There's a nice appreciation of Judith in today's Guardian
  17. Photographs of all 3 casts have now appeared on the theatre's website Some fine pictures but I do wish they would caption them!
  18. It came up in discussion a few years ago, here , and I just happened to remember it. (You have to scroll down a dozen or so posts - don't individual posts have numbers any more?)
  19. I don't think that's Beryl Grey in the last clip - probably Liane Dayde from the Paris Opera, with Michel Renault.
  20. Does the programme say who staged Symphonic Variations, please?
  21. A nice piece about the evening by Bettina Nielsen in the magazine KBH - in Danish but Google translate isn't too bad.
  22. Eva Kistrup's review is already up - it sounds a wonderful evening, so wish I could have been there! Also there's a little video clip on the theatre's Facebook page
  23. Myrtha casting now announced: Kizzy Matiakis with Praetoris/Kass Amy Watson with Crandall/Dean Hilary Guswiler with Dorger/Birkkjaer The first two were widely expected but Guswiler is perhaps a surprise - good to see her getting such an important role again.
  24. ... after her debut as Odette;Odile tonight. What a lovely surprise!
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