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  1. Thank you, Anne - it's great to read a description from someone who's seen it in the theatre. From what you say I'd guess that the film lost a huge amount of the effect of the lighting and decor.  It's also good to read about a Sylph so very different from Ida Praetorius - not, at all, because I didn't like Praetorius -  but  showing that the production is strong enough to let its dancers choose their own way through to tragedy. From your description I'd really like to see Caroline Baldwin. If we ever can travel to Denmark again.


  2. Interesting that Hubbe is doing a back-to-Bournonville Sylphide, replacing the last all-grey version also by him.

    I think a lot of people, including the dancers, were hoping to see Neumeier#s Mahler 3 - which was cancelled 2 days before its RDB premiere in March - getting another chance.


    Also  I missed the announcement that Kizzy Matiakis is also retiring next season, and will give her farewell on April 22nd in the title role, created for her, in Blixen.


  3. The RDB has announced its programme for next season, apparently in the expectation of being able to run a full season starting at the beginning of September.


    Ballets  include:


    Come Fly Away (Twyla Tharp)

    Cinderella (Gregory Dean)

    La Sylphide (new production)

    Balanchine's Nutcracker

    Romeo and Juliet (Neumeier)

    Serenade/ Sibelius 4 (Jorma Elo)/Etudes

    Blixen (Gregoery Dean)


    La Bayadere

    Dans2G0 programme - works by Sebastian Kloborg, Peter Martins (Zakouski), Neumeier and Hofesh Shechter


    Principal dancer Amy Watson will give her farewell performance as Teresina in Napoli

    Full details in the season book


  4. On 10/30/2019 at 2:07 PM, Mashinka said:

      Wayne Eagling was labelled as a MacMillan dancer, but he always looked very at home in Ashton's ballets, e.g. Fille and Cinderella.  Papillion was very much crafted to match Eagling's unique abilities, I rather think Sir Fred admired Eagling as much as MacMillan did.



    Eagling said at the Ashton Foundation event that his most favourite of the entire ballet repertoire is Symphonic Variations - though he didn't much enjoy dancing it. He also recalled being told by Michael Somes one day to go into the studio as Ashton was rehearsing and wanted him to stand in for Nureyev - with Fonteyn - so I guess Ashton did like him!

  5. All the casting for the first part of the season is now on the RB site.

    The Sleeping Beauty run starts with four 'young' Auroras but Nunez and Cuthbertson as well as Ospiova and Lamb, each get at least 2 performances later on!


  6. 20 minutes ago, Drew said:

    I have never seen the ballet. Do you think the problem was the production or that the ballet itself is not (or no longer) workable?  


    It was the production, entirely - Schaufuss had made a cut-down version to tour in small theatres round the country and he brought it to the Coliseum, one of London's largest theatres -  I think he had about 12 dancers in all so he'd cut the mandolin dance completely and some nights he didn't have anyone to play the nurse's page and so on.... I though it was a travesty of a lovely ballet.  The good bits were that it showed Alban Lendorf (as Mercutio) in London for the first time and Osipova's Juliet came good in the second half and was really touching. But there must be hundreds of people who saw it and think that's what Ashton's like.

    I should think it might look really good on the Sarasota company - though I do wish they could use Prokofiev's lighter version of the score - the one Mark Morris used: it would suit this version very well, I think.

    It does need looking after, though - when Schaufuss acquired it for English National Ballet in the 1980s the first cast, coached by Ashton himself, was lovely but later casts quickly lost much of the detail and at a revival a few years later I actually left after the first act as I couldn't bear to watch what they had let it  become.




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