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  1. Actually all male dancers in ABT are wonderful, Stiefel, Marcelo Gomes, Malakhov, Belotserkovsky...
  3. Snow Flake


    Hi! I was a great fan of Giuseppe Picone until he left ABT. I knew he went to the Royal ballet, but I didn´t find any information about him after that. Is he still in the RB? Is he soloist? Principal dancer? What is he dancing now?
  4. Snow Flake

    If You Could Buy Just One Ballet Video....

    It's so difficult... I think it would be ABT Variety and Virtuosity
  5. Snow Flake

    My Favorites!

    My dog's name is Irina! But not because Irina Dvorovenko, but because Irina Kolpakova...
  6. Snow Flake

    Is everyone okay??

    And what about ABT? They would be dancing in California, wouldn't them?
  7. Snow Flake

    Is everyone okay??

    Fortunately, I am very far from these terrible attacks, but I have a friend in New York, and I know the desperation of her parents, here in Brazil, because they could not talk with their daugther unil 12:00hs. Now they knew she is well. I wish all you, who are in NY and Washington, are ok.
  8. Snow Flake

    Marcelo Gomes

    Everybody loved his dancing, specially because we don't have classical ballet companies here in Brazil; we have a few great ballerinas, like Cecília, who are unknown, and don't have any male dancer like Marcelo.Unfortunately, for most of the brazilians, the only place in the world where are great male dancers is Russia. So, the audience got amazed when he started doing those jumps, pirouettes, etc. The applauses and screams were so loud that they had to repeat the coda two times. Every body in the audience (including me) got really excited.
  9. Snow Flake

    Marcelo Gomes

    I have attended a big dance festival in Joinville, Brazil, where Marcelo Gomes danced, as a guest, the black swan pas de deux with Cecília Kerche. How beautiful was this pas de deux! I had never seen Marcelo dancing a grand pas de deux, and I didn''t know that he was a wonderful dancer! It was great, for the 10000 people who watched that performance, to see that there's a so wonderful brazilian dancer. I think soon he will be promoted to principal dancer at ABT. What do you think?
  10. Did anybody seen some of Cisne Negro Dance Company's performances at Joyce Theatre? Any comments?
  11. Snow Flake

    Guiseppe Piccone leacing ABT

    Picone can't leave ABT! He is one of the best dancers in the company! :eek:
  12. Snow Flake

    Karen Kain

    Thank you for these informations! ;)
  13. Snow Flake

    Karen Kain

    I saw a video of Merry Widow with the National Ballet of Canadá, and the ballerina who did the role of Hanna was Karen Kain. Does anyone know something about this dancer? She is very good in the video, but I never heard about her.
  14. Snow Flake

    Oksana Konobeyeva

    I saw at the new ABT's site that Oksana Konobeyeva is not in the soloists list. (there's another ballerina, Xiomara Reyes) Does anyone know if she left the company?
  15. Snow Flake

    Anyone knows about this dancer?

    Of course I know this dancer! She is probably the most important brazilian dancer. I have seen she dancing many times in festivals in Brazil and as guest dancer in several Nutcrackers. She started dancing in Sao Paulo, and later she joined to the Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro. She also participated in a lot of events in many countries, and danced as a guest with the Australian Ballet, ENB, Teatro Colon, Ballet Nacional do Chile, among others. Recently, 6 months ago, Cecília was invited by Natalia Makarova to dance her production of La Bayadère with Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro company, I guess with Jose Manuel Carreño. With the same company, she did the leading role of Nutcracker with ABT's soloist Marcelo Gomes (who is also brazilian)in 1999. Cecíclia Kerche is the owner of "Só Dança" brand.