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  1. They will be dancing Diana and Actaeon pas de deux, she has a beautiful characterization of the Godess, and I would be looking forward to seeing his jump, and feet-leg combination at jumping, he is perfect and impresses jumps, leaps and combining legs poses. She in the coda takes some arrows out of her quiver, bends her bow, and releases the arrow. That is too quickly, in one turn between fouettes, I have seen her in slow motion and is a desastrous, but on stage it really impresses and is beautiful. Her variation is not good, not conditions at all for it, just turns. Comment on the performance
  2. Friends, It is a pity the fact that I cannot be there. Osiel and Viengsay are wonderful Cuban dancers. He is one of the new ones, and lately she has been dancing in his shadow. She has always been a virtuosa, not technique at all, much training during the rehearsals, I would say, some artistic-failure, not the same with him, just that lately he had been taking his fake way, and luckly someone has given him some important advice in order for him not to get off course, or get the wrong one. But anyway, definitely, they are great, he the most. No matter what they do with their artistic self-style
  3. I am not entering this site anymore. Contact me to rogelio@flex.uh.cu
  4. Sorry, I think I entered a site where people are not so sensitive as I believed them. I thought I would be finding nice people here, but now I can see someone very "cultured" trying to correct my punctuation marks. Just kidding! I could certainly have done it better, just that I have no much time to surf. On the other side, I have never found an Odile-32-fouette video. Actually, I can not see videos on line. Someone to check whether each of those 32 fouettes has the working leg a la seconde when the supporting leg is completely on the floor with the slightest of en dehors. Besides, are they fo
  5. to tell you the truth, i have no idea, but what I know is that the only version containing such a step is the CUban version, I have never seen another version with that series, have you ever eye-witnessed the performing of the step??? its great, I hope to see it tonight, and some other nights as well
  6. hey, you guy. thanks for the information, actually, this is the first time I use the page, its really interesting what you find here, I hope that you can contact me someday to talk more about it.
  7. Many have atributed Odile the performing of 32 fouettes, I have studied that the music is kind of composed so as to perform only 30 fouettes at muscial tempo, with each musical space, and close the coda turns with 2 en dehors turns only, not many ballerinas do this even, beacsue, if they do not failed to try to perform the continuos 32 fouettes just doing 31 or 30, losing one or two during the subsequent turns in musical tempo, they use a double turns in the middle of the coda, and so the music do not serves the 32, not even the 30, you see, To perform 32 fouettes in odiles coda, the bbalerina
  8. Have you ever seen the CUban version of Swan lake, after odiles fouettes, prince siegfried performs a virtous diagonal alongside the stage, rigt after it, odiles, who stands close to the front part of the stage, on the left side, rises her arabesque a begin jumping on her tip, she crosses almost the whole stage jumping while the cuban audience claps at tempo with each jump, 28 jumps sur la pointe en arabesque. at the end. a crack ballerina make a long balance and turns her head to the audience, as ssaying, you see what i have made and I am almost done wiht my work, I have trapped him, she the
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