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  1. I think I need to enter this site more often because I've been trying to get the Mariinski tour schedule ahead so I can plan a trip (living in Orlando, Florida not many well-known companies come to town) but always find out after I read a performance review. Been wanting to see the Royal Ballet on tour in USA and the Bolshoi and Mariinski companies. Please post when you know. Thanks.
  2. I saw the clips in youtube.com. And wonder what company is she dancing with these days. If any one knows, please let us know.
  3. Traveled all the way from Florida to NYC and made sure to get ticket to see American Ballet Theater at the charming City Center in New York. What a dissapointment!!! Incongruent choreography, meaningless moves, funky costums, boring..., boring..., boring. I should have asked for my money back.
  4. Thank you for a very entertaining story and review. Sorry about the disappointment. It has happened to me before also, and also with Swan Lake. I hope you find a great performance soon. Thank you for all the great videos you post.
  5. I traveled from Florida to Washington DC May 31 through June 5 to see the Ballet Nacional de Cuba at the Kennedy Center. I watched three performances: "The Magic of Dance" (the first two nights), and "Don Quijote" on Friday night. Big disapointment. It is sad to see how much talent has left the BNC. The Magic of Dance was nice. But Don Quijote was not. Please don't get me wrong: there were a few great moments. But the dancers are so inexperienced. The story line was entertaining with humor rather than dazzling with a display of brilliant and elegant dancing, which is what the Ballet Nacional de Cuba has been known for since the 1970's. Sad.
  6. 2011-06-07 - I just traveled to Washington DC last week to see three nights of Ballet Nacional de Cuba: Tuesday and Wednesday I saw "The Magic of Dance". On Friday I saw "Don Quijote". I can't help it but say that I was so dissapointed specially with Don Quijote. The Magic of Dance had its beautiful moments, but the dancers were weak in some areas, some stumbled, some lost their balance, most didn't do any thing extraordinary. It was mostly very common. The Don Quijote performance was poor. Yes, the Latin flavor of the dances was appealing, but the talent and technique was lacking in most of the dancers. All very, very young and inexperienced. It is clear that the BNC has lost its main artery of talent and artistry. Sad. For so many years BNC was a treasure. I cannot speculate about the reasons for the exodus of talent, but I only hope that a new artistic director will bring new ideas, a new business model, new choreographies, more talent.
  7. I've watched a few videos online about Leonid Sarafanov, and I think he is a great dancer, but cannot find what company he is dancing with, and where are his next performances in the USA. Any one knows, please?
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