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  1. I agree with Alonzo King who essentially said that ballet is a language and its poor usage shouldn't be blamed on the music or the language itself. It's up to the choreographer to make it work regardless of the music.
  2. That Take Me to Church video has almost 4 and a half million views. Does any other video featuring ballet dancing come close? I know that The Joffrey Ballet had a great success with choreography done to Prince music. And of course there was Twyla Tharp's Deuce Coupe done to Beach Boys music. But why aren't more ballets set to popular music? Are the gatekeepers of the art form afraid that it's not ballet if it's not done to classical music?
  3. I knew about Polunin's tatoos, I just thought they were covered by a tight, red, shirt. Turns out it was Ball's tight, red, shirt. Btw, what's with those tight dancers shorts some of the guys wear? They make bootie shorts look demure. Not that I'm complaining. I see why male classical dancers frequently make good runway models. They are used to being on stage, are comfortable with their bodies and NOTHING they might be required to wear in a fashion show could possibly embarrass them. Not after they've worn skintight dancer's shorts or postage stamp-sized loincloths.
  4. Thanks meunier fan. Wow. Polunin and Ball look like they were separated at birth. Not only do they have striking facial similarities and the same floppy hair, but they have almost identical physical builds .
  5. Isn't that Sergei Polunin in the red top in this Royal ballet video from ?If it is him, what's he doing there after he'd quit the company and had briefly danced with others?
  6. Tapfan

    Fabrice Calmels

    I had the great good fortune to see the Joffrey's Nutcracker on December 27th. I found the production to be uniformly charming in every aspect, from the orchestra, to sets and costumes to child acrobat/dancers. But the most memorable thing about the production for me, was Fabrice Calmels as the Nutcracker Prince. The man moves his noble, seemingly endless legs with a grace that is not to be believed. He's a strong and attentive partner with the charisma of a rock star. When he's dancing, it's hard to watch anyone else. 'Scuse my fangirling, But I can't help it. I'm in love.
  7. As a huge fan of musicals, I commend these classical dancers for stepping out of their comfort zones. Apparently they feel that the time lost in their short classical dance careers is worth it in order to experience another type of artistic fulfillment. Broadway gypsies probably don't see their field of dance as a waste of anyone's time, even a classical dancer's. Not all Broadway dancers are frustrated classical dancers. Some folks actually prefer show dancing. Baryshnikov danced other forms of dance during his prime years and seems to have no regrets.
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