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  1. You'd be surprised at the level of denial surrounding events in The Civil Rights movement. We're two generations removed from the Civil rights era and one thing the controversy surrounding this movie brings to light is the profound ignorance of many people about Jim Crow. Some of this is due to deliberate attempts to rewrite history by reactionary faux historians. The rest is probably due to the fact that to many young people, this stuff is ancient history. Who cares?
  2. I've seen the film twice with different groups of friends. The general consensus? It's entertaining, well-executed, middlebrow fare, the kind of film that The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences routinely honors with a Best Picture nomination. My only objection to The Help is that it is just the latest in a long line of Hollywood civil rights movies that get made only if they have a white protagonist. This has the cumulative affect of making African Americans bit players in narratives they should dominate. In a pungently written Entertainment Weekly essay, novelist Martha Southgate beautifully expressed Hollywood's obsession with white saviors:
  3. I certainly hope there's a lot of jumping. I like jumping. But then,I'm a heathen.
  4. Might Danny Tidwell return to ABT? After all, prodigal son Sascha Radetsky was welcomed back.
  5. Get well soon Mr. Hallberg. I've got tickets to The Bright Stream in Los Angeles on July 14th. Btw, Might Ms. Wells be in the family way?
  6. Has anyone ever gone from Corps De Ballet straight to Principal?
  7. I think that for many people with limited exposure to ballet - as I'm sure is the case with DWTS viewers - tights simply look like male panyhose. And with matching ballet slippers, the dancers appear to be shoeless as well. Also, isn't it possible that the costumers for the show thought it might be too jarring for JMC to be the only male dancer on the show wearing tights?
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