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  1. I'm having a heck of a time finding anything. Perhaps this is still a work in progress but I miss keeping up with the site. I appreciate the need to update; I'm happy to be patient but, if I should be able to find anything right now, I'm clearly doing something wrong.
  2. Congratulations to Blaine Hoven who has been with the company for quite a long time. Sad to see Sarah Lane overlooked once again! Perhaps all the Sarah supporters here ought let Kevin McKenzie know how they feel about this exquisite dancer. I hope Gorak, Royal, Forster, Stone Shayer and other valuable company dancers have patience and get their promotions soon. I always like to see promotions from within rather than from the outside as guests or new company hires. Nurturing and growing a company from within is harder than importing but I wish Mr. McKenzie would concentrate more on it.
  3. ABT an inartistic company? My! How insulting and how wrong, in my opinion. As an ABT aficionado, I care about both what's being performed AND who's cast in it. Most ballet goers that I know have their favorite dancers no matter what company they're seeing. To say that only ABT "fans" care about who's dancing is off the mark. Luckily, ABT has a company full of fine dancers so finding ones to like is easy. Inartistic because the company doesn't try to improve its corps? Of course it works hard to improve its dancers at every level! Inartistic because it puts on "warhorses?" Thank heavens it does or those wonderful full length ballets wouldn't be seen! Only a company like American Ballet Theatre is able to put on 5-6 classical full length ballets in one season and I'm grateful for them. ABT tells stories through dance and does so because "Theatre" is and has been at its core. Alessandra Ferri may not dance as she did years ago but she sure tells a heck of a story. I love being moved by a ballet and she surely did that the other night. Inartistic? I don't think so.
  4. I think it would have been premature for ABT to move Baca up to Principal now. He seemed to have had a great future at ABT but must not have wanted to wait. I wouldn't be surprised to see him return at a later date. Time will tell.
  5. I think it would have been premature for ABT to move Baca up to Principal now. He seemed to have had a great future at ABT but must not have wanted to wait. I wouldn't be surprised to see him return at a later date. Time will tell.
  6. I totally agree about Sarah Lane! I go out of my way as well to see her perform. It's way past time for her to be an ABT principal but it seems she is being overlooked. Kochetkova's arrival hasn't helped Sarah's status I'm afraid. Stella's promotion was a long time coming so hope springs eternal.
  7. With regards to an earlier mention about Sterling Baca going to "bigger" with Pennsylvania Ballet, I should have qualified that by saying I imagine going from Corps to Principal seems "bigger" to him, albeit a much smaller company. Young dancers don't often have a lot of patience and want to climb the ranks quickly, sometimes too quickly. I bet he had a bright future at ABT.
  8. Sterling Baca is going to the Pennsylvania Ballet (under Angel Corella) as a PRINCIPAL. It seems he was being groomed for bigger and better at ABT but he was offered bigger elsewhere--and sooner.
  9. Same opinion. I would so much have preferred to see Sarah promoted than see Kotchetkova added to the ranks. Sarah is a stunning dancer, has been a beautiful Aurora and would be a lovely Giselle and Juliet (among other roles). Let's hope the AD doesn't make her wait as long as he did Stella to be promoted.
  10. Nice to see the few positive comments here. Injuries, cancellations and replacements are inevitable. There are never guarantees when one buys a ticket that the casting is etched in stone. It's certainly easier on the company not to have to accommodate change. I am sad to see the amount of apparent vitriol towards certain dancers not expected to perform but who have been assigned to substitute. Surely, in a cast as large as that in Romeo and Juliet one can find and enjoy other dancers' performances. The sublime MacMillan choreography is worth the price of admission to me. Just one person's opinion.
  11. Sarah Lane as Swanilda, Aurora, Juliet and Giselle. She's danced and inhabited the character of Aurora already (beautifully). She's the next best choice for female principal. Why do the powers that be ignore this? More of Stella Abrera (in principal roles)and with the principal title. Kristi Boone as Myrta, Gamzatti, Lilac Fairy, etc. Joseph Gorak and Thomas Forster given more opportunities to perform and, thus, get ready for soloist roles. Few, if any guest appearances. ABT has the talent but it needs to be nurtured and given opportunities. Wish list refers to next season and beyond.
  12. How wonderful for the company to have Cornejo replaced by another ABT dancer rather than yet another guest.
  13. ONE ticket only for ONE performance only (April 28 in Costa Mesa, CA) of Tour de Force II, a spectacular gathering of ballet stars including Natalia Osipova, Ivan Vasiliev, Diana Vishneva, Marcelo Gomes, Guillaume Cote, Heather Ogden, Anastasia and Denis Matvienko, Vladimir Malakhov in Dying Swan, ,Joaquin de Luz, Tiler Peck and the Boris Eifman Ballet. The finale is Gorsky's Don Quixote Pas de Deux with Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev paired with excerpts from Boris Eifman's Don Quixote with the Eifman Ballet. For more info on other pieces for the evening and/or interest in the 4th row center orchestra ticket ($200 venue price), please email spballetee@aol.com.
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