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  1. The pose you mention sounds rather like that adopted by the chickens in La Fille!
  2. I hadn't really thought of emulating a real situation but " life is art" is probably a good reason for including children!
  3. Thanks for trying to help, all! I get a message that says the menu is disabled, then it says there has been an error, then it says that the error is that I am not permitted to use the board! Hope it's not personal! What isn't working? What error messages are you receiving from BT4D? If it's a single screen with "Account Suspended" (see screen shot), I'll need to report it, since BT4D has worked for me consistently since both sites came back up late last night, and your post is dated today. If it's any other message, you'll need to report that to the "Contact Us" link on the BT4D site. We are separate sites, and we can't fix problems with individual registrations from here. -------- To everyone, it was quite a scare, and I'm glad it's been resolved.
  4. The same seems to be true for BT4D. Do you happen to know if they are experiencing similar problems?
  5. This is more than I realised! Do you think that the companies include children to give their own aspiring dancers an opportunity to perform or are the children included to add a different dimension to the choreography or even to try and encourage a family audience to buy tickets?
  6. Which of the major ballets have roles for children and are there any where they really get to dance or act? I have just seen Cinderella and loved seeing the little ones perform! Even though they wore mouse heads for part of the time they brought the "aaah" factor to the ballet and gave us a taste of future stars (I gather they were from a full time ballet school). I know the Nutcracker, of course!
  7. I wasn't sure about this ballet, to be honest. Whilst very entertaining, it was rather more of a pantomime to me and I feel that the comic elements of the ugly sisters wwas overplayed. on the other hand, I loved the naivety of the bare foot cinders and the pathos that that created. I thought the choreography was actually very simple but at times too busy. the stars seemed to get in the way of ach other and I found it hard to discern the patterns. Similarly, the ballroom scene was too overcrowded for me and seemed a little superfluous in many respects, or at least too long. I too would have like dto have seen more of a connection between cinders and her prince! I loved the newts and the little mice - what sweeties - and the sets were stunning, especially the clock!
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