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  1. Abatt, I know you don't live in the Bay Area, but if you ever have a chance to see Van Patten's Giselle, don't miss it, especially if Helimets is her Albrecht. Their second act is simply breathtaking. And once again, I'm so glad Hansuke Yamamoto is being recognized for his consistently fine work. And she is breathtaking in the Jewels Diamond pas de deux and as Juliet. I, too, am delighted to read all the comments about Hansuke Yamamoto, who deserves the recognition and a promotion.
  2. I see about 20 performances of San Francisco Ballet each season. If I could only go to one performance of Cinderella, it would be Friday night with Vanessa Zahorian and her husband, Davit Karapetyan. Zahorian is a lyrical and effortlessly brilliant dancer and her acting is completely natural. Tan is a subtle, ethereal ballerina who excelled in Neumeier's Little Mermaid. I find tiny Kochetkova mannered in her dancing and contrived, cutesy and one-dimensional in her acting and stage manner, so I avoid her in the major roles. I saw Sarah van Patten and Frances Chung in Cinderella, and both were exceptional in dancing and characterization.
  3. So happy for the news that Forster and Gorak get this opportunity!
  4. It's been such a pleasure to watch all the video clips and read the comments. Thank you, all, for this. I was especially impressed with Nina Kaptsova and Ruslan Skvortsov. Many years ago, my mom took me to the Stuttgart Ballet to see Onegin with Marcia Haydee, Heinz Claus, Egon Madsen, and Suzanne Hanke, who were the originators of the production when Cranko revised it (I think that Ray Barra originated the title role). I still remember parts of it vividly. Haydee was unforgettable, and I recall Madsen's anguish as Lensky. The lead roles are coveted by dancers.
  5. I saw both the stage rehearsal earlier in the day and the performance. Tom Forster did a wonderful job. He was ardently attentive and chivalrous in his partnering of Ms. Part, and gave us elegant, unrushed, and precise dancing in the fourth movement. It was a pleasure seeing this tall, 6'3" dancer in the final movement -- a true danseur noble. Eric Tamm in the first movement was also excellent in every way.
  6. As a former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, thank you, kbarber, for the previous email!
  7. I've read several of Macauley's reviews where he praises Vanessa Zahorian and Sarah Van Patten, and it is wonderful to see both of these beautiful, uniquely gifted ballerinas singled out!
  8. I remember the first time i saw Thomas Forster, when he first joined ABT: he did a saute (sorry, no accent on the e) in arabesque from the upstage left wing onto the stage in The Sleeping Beauty vision scene; and I have been following him ever since. He is a wonderful, well-trained dancer, excellent partner, always fully invested in what he is doing, is natural on stage, and is tall and has beautiful feet. I have been waiting for years to see him given the opportunities his talent and work merits.
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