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  1. Actually, wow, I think this is it, and that the music was throwing me off! wow, I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have found it again! thanks so much! I think the "campiness" of it is due to it being French Canadian. haha.
  2. Well thanks for your answers guys! I think that this is very close to what I am remembering - except I'm not entirely sure that it's the right thing. Maybe I'm remembering wrong (or maybe it's the music that's throwing me) but I don't remember it being so 80's (and this one seems pretty campy too). I wish I could find a clip of this or a copy of it somewhere in it's full-length original so I could better judge it. I don't think this is it though...just going by the clothes and the style/speed of the choreography. The one I'm remembering was slower, more sombre....but again it was a while ago and maybe it's just the music or those particular clips that are throwing me off. Anyway, thanks again for the help! How did you even know how to find it? I just have nowhere to start searching besides googling my remembered "description"...and of course nothing comes up.
  3. Hi everyone, I have been searching high and low (for years) for a ballet I saw on television a few years ago which I can't remember the name of, and which was one of the most stunning dances I have ever seen. I will try to describe it to the best of my memory in the hopes that someone recognizes it. It was set in some sort of bleak-looking place - maybe an orphanage, or a boarding school or a concentration camp (although the dancers were all adults)..the point is, the walls were grey, the floors were grey, there were rows of beds, rows of tables. It was modern dance, with mena and women. At certain points the dancers used small balls in the choreography, bouncing them off the walls, incorporating them into the dance, making sounds and rhythm with the balls. The balls were only a part of the whole routine though, but I mention them because it was unique and very captivating. This was made for film (as far as I can tell since the set wasn't a stage or open to a live audience), and I *think* I saw it on either the CBC or TVO (two Canadian tv stations) which leads me to think it *might* be Canadian, but possibly not. Is this ringing a bell for anyone? DOes anyone know of any websites that would have this info? I am having no luck finding this. Any help is really appreciated!
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