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  1. I just stumbled onto this post. I would like to ask if anyone has recorded that interview or if it's still avalaible somewhere in the Net. Thank you!
  2. Indeed! BTW, does anyone happen to have a recording of Hallberg's Japan interview, or has uploaded it? I'd so love to see it again!
  3. I read somewhere that David Hallberg performed 16 entrechat DIX on the finale of Giselle. Is this true? I can't believe it.
  4. Thank you for your report... how I wish I was there (unfortunately I live in Italy ). It would be great if there'll be some videos of the show in the Net, but I think this is unlikely to happen...
  5. Thank you, this was lovely!
  6. Are there some italian people here? I'm from Rome and I frequently attend Rome's Opera Ballet performances.
  7. He's supposed to perform again in Italy (I'm from Rome, so I know). He is scheduled to perform in a Béjart/Balanchine/Robbins mixed bill in may (I suppose he will perform Tchaikovsky pas de deux, or maybe In the Night by Robbins; final casting hasn't been announced yet, as usual here in Italy ) and in La Bayadère with Polina Semionova in october, at Rome Opera House. And italian audience loves him!
  8. I couln't agree more with you, little-junkie. It's a real pity there are so few clips of him on YouTube!
  9. Lucky you! Do you know him in person? Watching him onstage and having met him briefly after the performance, I make no effort in thinking he's a great and lovely person, too. Polina Semionova is of course a great ballerina - more of the "modern" type, I think, so, while I appreciate her a lot in contemporary works, I don't think classical, 'Petipa' roles suit her so well. Personally, in ballets like Swan Lake I prefer other ballerinas. I think you will have a good time watching her, though, especially if it's your first time, as she has a strong, clean technique, great extensions, and beautiful lines. Please report about the performance when the moment will come!
  10. I wonder if there would be any chance that he would perform with Lopatkina. They'd make a wonderful couple.
  11. So, he will perform in St. Petersburg? When will the festival be held?
  12. Where are you from (if I may ask you), and did you get the chance to see ABT (and expecially Hallberg) a lot? I'm from Italy and I saw him performing Sylvia with Polina Semionova at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma last october... love at first sight (though I had already seen him in videos and appreciated him greatly). He will come back in may for a Béjart/Balanchine/Robbins mixed bill (he will be performing Tchai pas de deux, I guess). Just can't wait!
  13. Don't mention it, actually I collected them all as I'm a big fan of ABT (expecially of David Hallberg)
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