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  1. Oh, just FYI, for the big numbers (1812 Overture, Piano Concerto #1, Romeo & Juliet) it would be the recognizable themes. It wouldn't be the entire concerto or symphony, etc. except for obviously #6.
  2. Not so much a story as a "tribute" ballet. It would most likely be the first of it's kind (that I know of anyway.) I'd hope that my obsession with Tchaikovsky is quite obvious. I was listening to his 6th Symphony, The Pathétique, when suddenly . I built the following 3 act ballet around the 6th Symphony and several other of Tchaikovsky's famous works: What do you think?
  3. Nutcracker: The Motion Picture Bought it and downloading now. Can't wait. Watched the trailer and it looks magnificent. Looks even more stunning than the Balanchine version was. PS. Don't mind the info. Amazon got confused when they listed the movie.
  4. And to give you a little context to go by, here is the Ohio Theatre. (With a couple of pics from the Nutcracker) Ohio Theatre Curtain Ohio Theatre The Nutcracker: Battle against the Mouse King The Nutcracker: Land of Snow
  5. I think that it's appropriate in different situations. For example, whenever i see the Nutcracker in Columbus, OH, it never fails that after the last note of the GPPD has ended, the audience is on their feet. Unfortunately, last year when I went I didn't end up standing. It had been a while since I had been up to the Ohio Theatre to see Nutcracker and I do remember seeing some pretty spectacular PDD, but this one, eh,lackluster to say the least. And not to mention the CSO (Columbus Symphony) sounded out of tune in a few places. It may have been that the seats we had were higher than where
  6. Back when I was a kid (1995-ish) BalletMet brought in a choreographer named David Nixon. At that time, I was kinda getting bored by the usual...oh there's the Christmas party, there's the battle, there's the snow forest, there's the land of sweets...the end. It was great and all that, but for some reason, it didn't "do it" for me. David Nixon took Nutcracker to that level. He changed the story only a bit. He added a character named Je t'aime (Clara's cat) and Clara is danced by an adult the entire show. The beginning was the same, party with the Stahlbaum family, Fritz breaks the Nutcracker Dr
  7. Don't worry. The ones I have in my head are only for a couple of numbers (the beginning of act 2, Arabian dance and Waltz of the Flowers and I remember them like it was yesterday (and this version was performed in Columbus choreographed by David Nixon back in 1995)
  8. Question: Can we use choreography from ballet companies that we've seen? For example, I've seen the Nutcracker in Columbus for the majority of my life and have grown up with two or three different versions of choreography from BalletMet Columbus.EDIT: Quick side note: You completely forgot the Tea (Chinese) dance.
  9. Let's explore each of the 3 separately: Vainonen for the Mariinsky. (Lezhina/Baranov) The only thing that bugs me here is that there are 4 extra cavaliers, turning this pas de deux into a pas de six. However, in parts, they actually do add to the PDD, just unusual for a two-person dance. I also recall seeing versions of other Nutcracker productions where there were characters sitting on the sidelines, but never dancing during the PDD. Grigorovitch for the Bolshoi. (Maximova/Vasiliev) This one is just a complete mess. The dancers are beautiful, very good at what they do, obviously, it's ju
  10. Hi everyone. I've actually never danced in a ballet production (I danced ballet when I was little but that was it) but as a fan of classical music, I have become entwined in a love affair with Tchaikovsky as well as many other wonderful and talented ballet composers. It stems back to my younger years (about 3 or 4 if I remember correctly) when my mom would take me (and later my sister) to the ballet every Christmas in Columbus, OH to see The Nutcracker. While some parents may have worried that I may have been too young to enjoy the Nutcracker, it was always a very exciting and moving experie
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