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  1. I so agree with Amour. IMO, much of this production's new choreography borders on the hideous. It is totally lacking in any grace, transcendency, craftsmanship or narrative coherence. At times it appeared extraordinarily unflattering, especially the lifts, from my vantage point in the orchestra. I know this is harsh but we are talking about Sleeping Beauty. There is a reason that companies perform the classics and it is not simply to sell tickets. This ballet has a beloved and starry provenance. Fortunately, the legacy of Sleeping Beauty came to glowing life through Alina's superb classicism and nuanced characterization. And if you are going to the trouble and expense of mounting a new, traditional production of Sleeping Beauty, it defies logic to turn it into a cartoon. Costumes should be well designed so they don't obscure the dancer's line and weigh them down. The color palette should not be garish to the point of distraction. The staging should be expansive so the dancers can breath. There is a sense of majesty and wonder about Sleeping Beauty. But yesterday, the only wonder was Alina.
  2. I am an Alina devotee. It was thrilling to see her today in Sleeping Beauty. She was absolutely radiant and true to her character in every movement and gesture. Underlying her artistry was an incredibly strong technique. Her turns especially were secure, powerful with gorgeous placement. Alina lovingly shaped space with her delicate epaulment, expressive pointe work and exquisitely lyrical torso. Stella Abrera was delightful and Jose Carreno appropriately gallant. Martine van Hamel added a welcome jolt of mature authority. Sad to say though, IMO, the production was leaden rather than magical. The staging was cramped and suffocating. Most everyone else seemed to be performing underwater. There was no energy, life or joy. But, unfortunately, there did seem to be an abundance of mediocre dancing.
  3. Hello, Selling one ticket to ABT's June 19th matinee of Sleeping Beauty with Alina Cojocaru. Third row orchestra, dead center. Friend can't attend due to family illness. $100 for a great seat and a glorious ballerina. If I could please ask the administrators to forward any responses, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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