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  1. I see recently a big increase in self-marketing of dancers. Many companies specially Europe are too focused on marketing their performances and companies and lack in promoting their dancers. As the subsidies are being cut across the board it becomes increasingly more important to step up the marketing efforts specially to cover the big gap in promoting individuals. If the audience identifies strongly with certain dancers they are much more likely to purchase tickets. Many companies put up the castings for performances in the las minute. That makes it impossible to know who you are going to see when you are buying your ticket. With ever increasing influence of social media it's much easier for dancers to gain exposure. But it's just part of it. Ballet gained a lot of exposure since Black Swan movie but the exposure in massmedia comparing to other artforms is still insignificant. In all honesty a very small amount of the actual audience knows the ins and outs of ballet so if they are being told that the dancer/performance they are watching is exceptional they are approaching it with different eyes. I would love to see and hear much more about my favorite dancers no matter facebook,twitter,youtube or TV. Conclusion self-promotion of dancers or marketing efforts of companies can only be beneficial in making ballet the artform we all love so much more popular. So please dancers promote yourself it's important for your future as well as for the future of ballet!!!
  2. I absolutely agree with Hawfinch those clips are short, rarely featuring all performances and usually they work as advertisements. If i really like something on YouTube i am likely to buy it. Or will be wanting to see the dancers live. Many Ballet companies i see understand this and are launching their own YouTube channels. I hope the vids of diorella's channel will be back i loved them!
  3. Thank you very much for your answer this was more information than i hoped for! I still have my doubts about this prize cause fine in the movie industry you are watching a movie but with dance it's not the same to see a videotape of somebody dancing or see the live performance. As well is the jury reviewing the full performance or just excerpts? Anyhow dance is an art form so hard to judge. Do you know who decides about the years members of the jury? Cause seems like it determines the the nominees and the outcome. I would love to see an award that has a mixed jury of audience and professionals is there any? That in my opinion would give a more balanced decision. Thank you again
  4. I just saw it recently and i really loved it. What are your impressions about this fascinating documentary?
  5. Dutch National Ballet 2010/11 Don Quichote chor. Ratmansky 11-22 september 2010 Strong Voices wereldpremière choreografie: Benjamin Millepied | muziek: Nico Muhly (compositie-opdracht) wereldpremière choreografie: Hans van Manen | muziek: Hugo Wolf moving rooms choreografie: Krzysztof Pastor | muziek: Alfred Schnittke, Henryk Mikolaj Górecki tchaikovsky pas de deux choreografie: George Balanchine | muziek: Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovksi From 15.november to 5.october 2010 The Sleepig Beauty chor.Sir Peter Wright/Petipa 9.december - 1. january 2010/11 A la Russes on the dnieper - nederlandse première choreografie: Alexei Ratmansky | muziek: Sergej Prokofjev serenade choreografie: George Balanchine | muziek: Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski dumbarton dances choreografie: Krzysztof Pastor | muziek: Igor Stravinsky 8.february - 25.february 2011 Sylvia chor. John Neumeier 17.march - 10.april 2011 Hans van Manen - meester van de dans adagio hammerklavier muziek: Ludwig van Beethoven solo muziek: Johann Sebastian Bach grosse fuge muziek: Ludwig van Beethoven concertante muziek: Frank Martin 27.april - 24.may 2011 cherkaoui | dawson wereldpremière choreografie: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui | muziek: Szymon Brzoska (compositie-opdracht) wereldpremière choreografie: David Dawson | muziek: Scanner (compositie-opdracht) 17.june - 25.june 2011 new moves 2011
  6. Zurich Ballet Performance the fixed wings on the side stage became loose and fell like a domino the last one broke the back prospect and was falling on one of the dancers on stage. He jumped sideways like spiderman without changing his position. It was really spectacular. Again nobody got hurt! The show continued in 10min.
  7. Performance outdoor in Monte Carlo by Monte Carlo Ballet a piece by J.Ch.Maillot Vers une Peysage the stage became wet cause of the humidity and after about 15 dancers fell in about 5min they had to stop the performance. Well lucky that nobody got hurt!!!
  8. Thank you for your effort i was just wondering who nominates and how the decisions are made i guess i have to do my own research. It's a really highly regarded award like 'Oscar for dance' many say. I post it here once i find some info
  9. That is a different Natalia Osipova associated with the ballet company. http://www.balletpassion.com/index.php?opt...le&user=240 Ah Sorry just got this promo mail so naturally i thought it was her thank you for the info!!
  10. Not true Larisa Lezhnina is a Principal Dancer with Dutch National Ballet and she is still dancing. Just because she is not in Kirov she is not a lesser dancer than before. I am a big fan of her and you want to see her dance see Don Q. from Ratmansky next season! So i definitely agree you added her to your list she is on my as well!!!
  11. What is your opinion on Albrecht's role in Giselle is he a sinner or a person looking for escape when forced to marry cause of his status? Does he really fall in love or he only feels bad cause of the tragical outcome of his actions? When is the moment when he realizes how he feels about her if he does love her? Do you think this story is still actual today? Love, tragedy, social differences, arranged marriage etc.?
  12. Ah, but David's name was not there when I posted! I thought it odd that he tweeted that he had won, yet the Benois website did not show his name. Only two were on the list last night - Hélène Bouchet's and Thiago Bordin's. Wonderful that David Hallberg tied with Bordin! The article about the Benois Prize (see links) mentioned that the prize for choreography was not awarded. Do you know how the nominations work? And how about the decisions? Benois de la danse is a bit of a mystery to me. Why didn't they award the best choreographer nobody was good enough or they were all too good? What do you think?
  13. How about this website i just got it today http://www.balletpassion.com/ Osipova Ballet Saint-Petersburg
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