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  1. TODAY, 27TH of July 2012 in Varna, the International Jury of the XXV International Ballet Competition – Varna decided to award: GROUP "A" - SENIORS WOMEN - One First Prize - Gold Medal and Diploma Not awarded Two Second Prizes - Silver Medal and Diploma Miki Wakuta, Japan and Chae-Eun Yang, Korea Two Third Prizes - Bronze Medal and Diploma Christina Chochanova, Bulgaria and Aigerim Beketayeva, Kazakhstan MEN Two First Prizes - Gold Medal and Diploma Brooklyn Mack, USA and Denis Cherevichko, Austria One Second Prize - Silver Medal and Diploma Arata Miyagawa, Japan One Third Prize - Bronze Medal and Diploma Not awarded II. GROUP "B" - JUNIORS The title "25th INTERNATIONAL BALLET COMPETITION - VARNA 2012 LAUREATE" shall be awarded, as well as the following distinctions: "SPECIAL DISTINCTION - VARNA 2012" - Diploma and Medal He Taiyu, China GIRLS One First Class Distinction - Diploma and Medal Wang Qingxin, China One Second Class Distinction - Diploma and Medal Not awarded Three Third Class Distinctions - Diploma and Medal Min Jung Kim, Korea, Nataly Bratanova, Bulgaria and Miko Fogarty, USA BOYS One First Class Distinction - Diploma and Medal He Taiyu, China One Second Class Distinction - Diploma and Medal Not awarded One Third Class Distinction - Diploma and Medal Joo Won Ahn, Korea III. ADDITIONAL PRIZES Special prize "Emil Dimitrov" - for young talents He Taiyu, China One prize from the "Nina Kiradjieva" Fund - for artistry of a Bulgarian dancer, who has received the highest score in the Third Round Christina Chochanova, Bulgaria Two prizes for promising young dancers from Group "B" - Juniors awarded by Sylvia Co., Japan one for girls to Kateryna Odarenko, Belarus and one for boys to Joo Won Ahn, Korea
  2. "26 dancers move on the final third tour of the International ballet competition in Varna. Two Bulgarian ballerinas are also among the finalists - Natalie and Christina Bratanova Chochanova move on! The fight for the medals remains extremley tight. It continues among a strong group of representatives from Asian countries - six dancers from Korea, 3 from Japan and fromChina. Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA and Bulgaria have two competitors. The other represented by one participant countries are Canada, Hungary, Turkey, Austria, Holland and Belgium. We wish all of them a lot of success!!!" The US dancer are Miko Fogarty and Brooklyn Mack Belgium is Katherine Higgins Canada is Yoshiko K
  3. A few passing to round 3 are Miko Fogarty, Katherine Higgins, Yoshiko Kamikusa, and Brooklyn Mack. I don't know how many others made it.
  4. Here's the translation. No names other than for Bulgaria but statistics. Of the 65 dancers, 41 made it to the second round. Three of our dancers pass the second round of the competition in Varna 07/20/2012 15:27; 24 hours online, 211; 0; Photos: Nina Lokmadzhieva, NIRA Communications Agency 41 dancers passed the second round of ballet competition in Varna. Among them are three native talent - Natalie Bratanova, Christina Chochanova and Tzvetan Stankov. The most abundant group of qualified Japanese dancers - ten. Of all admitted to the second stage 20 are juniors and 21 were seniors in fall seven junior boys and 13 girls, and in seniors - nine women and 12 men. Bulgarians Natalie Bratanova was junior Christina Chochanova and Tzvetan Stankov - seniors. Bulgarian Natalie Bratanova - Junior. Photo: Nina Lokmadzhieva, NIRA Communications Agency The most abundant sieve after the first round is the Japanese group - 10 people - three and seven juniors - seniors, followed by Koreans - 8 - three of them juniors and five seniors, USA - 4 - two juniors and two seniors. The range of countries in Europe, Asia and America remains - it fell only Greece and Serbia. The second round of the XXV International Ballet Competition - Varna starts tomorrow and runs through July 24 inclusive. The next day, the jury will announce the ranking for the third round of the conference at the Festival and Congress Centre. Christina Chochanova Photo: Nina Lokmadzhieva, NIRA Communications Agency President of the International Jury Professor Peter Lukanov noted that the average konkrusa is pretty good and all players are very close levels - without sharp gradinitsi between strong and weak players. "The barrier was 18 points - he said - all with one exception, with a score over 19, ie received good marks from the jury. " Prof. Lukanov noted that the jury paid attention not only of technology but look and style and character in every performance. He assured reporters that almost all players have put soul into their performances. Point and stability of the contest, which is constantly evolving and this evolution is evolution. "This is the toughest competition in the world - said Professor Lukanov - and many prefer to sit anywhere else with 1-2 variations can complete the entire competition, but here you have six variations and two contemporary works. But all participants know that you get recognition in Varna will receive recognition and world ballet. "
  5. Appears to be the smallest group almost since the competition began!! Friday, July 6, 2012 XXV International Ballet Competition in Varna XXV International Ballet Competition in Varna XXV International Ballet Competition in Varna began on July 15 in the Summer Theatre and runs through July 30. Organizers are Foundation "International Ballet Competition - Varna" with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Municipality Varna and Standing Dance Committee of ITI and CID at UNESCO. 66 competitors from 20 countries will play a contest to fire. 31 competitors in the seniors and 35 juniors will go to the jury and audience. Most major international ballet schools will be presented in the XXV anniversary edition. Young artists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Korea, Japan, Cuba, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria will compete for talent and skills awards. Particularly striking is the largest group of Japanese participants - 13 people. Seriously - a group of 8 people, is the presence of the dancers from Korea, whose school triumphs of the previous edition. Seven contenders come from the USA, 6 from Kazakhstan. Bulgaria is represented by four dancers. Chairman of the jury is traditionally Academician Yuri Grigorovich - one of the greatest choreographers and ballet of the twentieth century. His deputies are Prof. Peter Lukanov / Bulgaria /, Constantine Dutu / Romania / Professor Xiao Suhua / China /. Contestants will be evaluated and winners in previous competitions. These are legendary Aurora Bosch from Cuba, won medals in 1965 and 1966, Kevehazi Gabor from Hungary lauraet from 1972 and 1974, Kenichi StockUS from Japan, a finalist in 1994 Jury member for the first time this year will be Maximiliano Guerra, who shone in 1988 and won a gold medal. Beloved by balletomane artist will participate in the concert of the final competition. The jury will sit Clotilde Veye - Etoile of the Paris Grand Opera and ballet master. She became a winner in Varna in 1978 Bulgarian ballerinas Faith Nacheva, medalist in 1994 and Eugenia Kristeva - with a prize of 1974 will also write estimates on the jury of internationally renowned teachers, choreographers and artists. In the international jury are still Professor Valentin Elizarev of Belarus, Eldar Aliev from the U.S., Mary Bahar Chimendzhiler from Turkey Prokh. Sung Hee Kim from Korea, Tursinbek Nurkaliev Prokh of Kazakhstan. Hikmet Mehmedov from Bulgaria. Traditionally, participants and this year will compete in three rounds with works of world ballet classical and contemporary choreography. From 15 to 30 July in the contest will be held International Summer Ballet Academy. In her classic techniques will lead Aurora Bosch / Cuba / Gilbert Meyer / France / and Liliana Draguleva / Bulgaria /. Prof. Natalia Tarasova will teach specific dances and Louisa Frank / The Netherlands / Tirantsoni and Gianpiero / Italy / - modern techniques. Posted by Yordan Halachev at 2:16 PM Labels: XXV International Ballet Competition in Varna <a class="blog-pager-newer-link" href=" http://guidebg-sofiabg.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-post_06.html" id="Blog1_blog-pager-newer-link" style="color: rgb(0, 255, 128); " title="Newer Post">Newer PostOlder Post
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