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  1. or perhaps 5'2-3/4"? Whatever her height, her amplitude is what counts. Musically, she seems to breathe all the air on the stage.
  2. Many years ago, when Miami City Ballet was starting out, they appeared at Brooklyn College. The music was listed in the program thusly: "Peter Eliot's Tchaikovsky".
  3. Yes, Hans, Anna Moffo is still beautiful, although she has had some health problems lately. Surprised no one has suggested Angelika Kirschlager; she's truly lovely. I thought Dessay's surgery had solved her vocal problems, no?
  4. I met Nina after a Don Q two summers ago & was quite surprised at how tiny she actually is, perhaps 5'3" but she dances huge & her feet are quite long, so en pointe, she may be considered "tall".
  5. June Anderson is still the most beautiful of all & I've seen her up close & personal. Lucia Popp, sadly, did die of cancer several years ago. I remember the Carnegie Hall performance of "Semele" (oh, how I miss those series produced by Matthew Epstein with amazing casts, great conductors & terrific orchestras) with Battle as Semele singing the aria "Myself I do adore" dressed in a fabulous white gown & holding a mirror. I doubt there was one person in the house that didn't adore her right along with herself. Shirley Verrett was just 70 & is still breathtaking. Among the men: Alfredo Kraus was an elegantly handsome man (I am entirely partisan here) & Peter Hoffmann was quite the hottie.
  6. When I was quite wee, & attending opera sitting on a cushion, there were wild & nasty arguments between adorers of Maria Callas & adorers of Renata Tebaldi. I still cannot comprehend this. They were both great but they were apple & orange. Why not eat both? The same goes for NYCB vs. ABT ... there should be no question of "which" but, rather, "which one tonight".
  7. Glass Pieces: I haven't seen this since it was new but was not Bart Cook (in the pas de deux) wearing a coppery-orange costume? I remember Jock Soto in the red unitard (worn by Tewsley last night) AND I remember Jock leading off the last movement & followed by the rest of the corps. It seemed so right, as the movement has that Native American theme going on, by both Robbins & Glass (this was done shortly after "Koyaanisqatsi", I believe) & it seemed so appropriate, with Jock's Native American heritage & his wonderfully earthy, groundedness. Did I imagine this or did I only have eyes for Jock & everyone else just faded into the grid?
  8. Yes,James, yesss! & Bayadere & Les Sylphides & &..&.. the list is ENDLESS! Oh bliss.
  9. Carla's English is excellent. It seems to be the second language for most Brazilians.
  10. Alexandra: If Monique should contact you again or read this, I would truly appreciate knowing if she will be dancing Sat matinee as she was the only reason I was going to a matinee, which I hate to do.
  11. Manhattnik: the reason you don't remember the Martins/Gregory Corsaire is because it didn't happen. This was the Diamond Gala about 18 or more years ago, right? Peter threw his back out during rehearsal & they cancelled. Wasn't there a ballet on that program with laundry on a clothesline?
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