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  1. I wonder if Danny Ulbricht is being considered. He has run a small touring company for several years; attended and teaches at SAB; teaches at several other institutions; has taught company class at NYCB & has danced a good deal of the appropriate repertoire of Balanchine and Robbins. His (not very up to date) website: http://danielulbricht.com/
  2. Or perhaps she spelled it Shawn ...
  3. Sean, Gordon and Shannon Stevens
  4. I swear she is still in the State Theatre. I've seen her three times. Twice during CB seasons and once at Paul Taylor. I bumped into Michael P. shortly after the first visitation and told him I thought I'd seen her. He replied "you probably did". Something slid into place in my heart. It's not as if her ghost is haunting the place. More like a benevolent presence taking care of business. Saint Carley. God I miss her so much, too!
  5. UPDATED: Lopatkina has joined the list! Also Daniil Simkin. This is apparently not selling well, so spread the word:
  6. Yan Chen was a beautiful ballerina, Korean born, probably about the same age as Corella. She was a soloist. She gave up her career to marry and have children not too long after. A major loss, in my book. She did a gorgeous Sylphide Act II with the very young Cornejo which I still remember as a very special performance.
  7. ASFB are also having a gala (fundraiser) performance in Santa Fe on Sunday with guest artists Paloma Herrera and Gennadi Savaliev. 8 PM at the Lensic Theater in downtown Santa Fe.
  8. SML - the cast I am most looking forward to is Friday's; next most looking forward to is Thursday's. I doubt Stearns will be a soloist much longer nor Seo a corps member. They have both had outstanding seasons. And debut performances have a very special quality.
  9. Yes, that one is inevitable. Along with "Where were you?" "We thought you'd left" and the occasional assumption that, since we weren't there for some portion of the evening's offerings, we had lost our right to those seats. The old Finders Keepers syndrome.
  10. You are correct, abatt. With the deepest plies ever.
  11. I have seen people come through with wheelies. I believe they must be checked at that table on the right at the landing between the stairs to the orchestra. Should you encounter difficulty, explain that your plane was delayed. The house managers are generally sympathetic.
  12. It will depend on the purse/bag checker immediately inside the ticket gates. Look for a gate with an older man. They are the more experienced and, generally, the more courteous. If they do decide you need to check the backpack, I believe they take your bag upstairs (stair landing right, on entering to the orchestra) and bring it to the coat check downstairs and you pick up downstairs afterward.
  13. Ambonney, I love your ancillary information: mimosas, gelati etc. It's all part of the bigger picture.
  14. I agree, bart. In the interests of disclosure, it should have been mentioned that Wilson promised NYCO $50 million dollars towards moving to another location. The gift was if and only if they moved. When this didn't pan out, he took his toys and departed for the Met.
  15. There is only one shipwreck in the ABT production, at the end. At the beginning we see Conrad and crew in their ship (boat, really) encountering a storm on their way into port. They do not wreck. They arrive safely for Act I proper.
  16. Thank you for this, FauxPas. It seems quite odd that the press office couldn't tell me to go online & look at this press release instead of making me plead my case. Because Airs is such an ensemble piece, with multiple partnerings, I would guess it's essential to keep each cast together.
  17. In the past I have been very supportive of/sympathetic to ABT's administration, but I had an unfortunate experience this morning worth sharing. I called ABT to ask for the casting of Airs, was connected to the press department & an abbreviated version of the conversation follows: Z: May I have the casting for tonight's Airs? ABT: It's a company piece. Z: I know that but who is dancing it? ABT: It's a company piece. That's all the information I have. Z: Don't you have a program? ABT: The programs are at the Met. Z: So if I call the Met I can get this information? ABT: The Met won't have the programs yet. La Sylphide is also on the program. Z: I know that. I have tickets to five Sylphides. I just want to know the dancers in Airs. ABT: proceeds immediately - immediately! - to give me the seven names. The conversation lasted almost five minutes when it could have lasted one minute. So, I ask, what was that all about? She clearly had the information handy. Is the casting on a "need to know" basis? And did my purchase of five tickets give me access to classified information? This is no way to treat a donor, multi-subscriber nor any ticket holder.
  18. You didn't say which night you were attending, so I wrote down the timings tonight: Airs: 7:35 - 8:02 Sylphide Act I: 8:24 - 8:58 Sylphide Acr II: 9:18 - 9:49 Timings include applause. ABT has been very good about keeping intermissions to about twenty minutes.
  19. I observed Macaulay applauding for Part on Saturday night.
  20. I believe the Times seats are L 1/3. Two of our subscriptions are K 1/3 and Macaulay is right behind us.
  21. You walked out on David Hallberg? I'll report later on Wed mat, Fri and Sat eve performances but Misty was great. As was Xiomara in AB. Sad to see all the Cornejo cancellations.
  22. Ernest Reyer wrote a four-act opera sigurd which included three ballets. It is almost never performed. Opera Manhattan did one act of sigurd in the late 1990s.
  23. Didn't they just celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary? A long romance. A lot to be thankful for.
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