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  1. If somebody wants to see same polish ballet I would like to recommend KURT WEILL. It is ballet in two acts by Krzysztof Pastor (2001) Libretto, musical script, staging, and choreography: Krzysztof Pastor. He is the director of Polish National Ballet. It is a multimedia show in the form of a collage of dance images. Taking the music of Kurt Weill, he created a vibrant ballet fresco, inspiring in its dance expressiveness, diversity of music forms and vocal hits, encouraging reflection on the social experience of the composer’s times, the changeable fate of artists, symptoms of intolerance,
  2. I like Salenko, Saidakova, Nakamura very much, but I must say that they are not such good as Diana. Diana has such a beautiful, pure style. There is something so elegant and charmful about her . She is the best PS I love dancers from Staatsballett Berlin .
  3. Yes I suppose that You saw But this version, you are talking about, is not avaiable for me, so I offered my favourite one to you. But I know that I went off at a tangent... Sorry... By the way recently I have seen Sylwia by Neumeier. (DVD) (a performance by the Paris National Opera Company choreographed by John Neumeier. Recorded at the Opera National De Paris in March 2005). It was great for me.
  4. Chicago . murder, prison, trial ... In my opinion a trial is a theatre...
  5. I liked David Blair in Sleeping Beauty with Margot Fonteyn with Royal Ballet.
  6. Staatsballett Berlin has The Nutcracker (DVD 36 Euro) with Malakhov and Nadia Saidakova - but it is`t the best Nutcracker I have ever seen... My favourite DVD is : choreographia Lew Iwanow and Peter Wright Adaptation Peter Wright place and time: The Royal Opera House Covent Garden 2000 y. dancers: drosselmeyer A Dowell Klara A. Cojocaru Hans Peter - I Putrov M. Yoshida and J. Cope etc
  7. It is very nice to hear that you know and like one of my favorite dancer . If you want I can write more about Maksim Wojtiul and send same links with his dancing. If somebody would like to came to Poland to see Polish ballet I recommend “Lodz meeting ballet” (in polish: Łódzkie Spotkania Baletowe (ŁSB)). It is fantastic opportunity to see a lot of ballet companies from Poland, Europe and all over the world (like Cuba, USA, Asia) being in 1 place and 1 time. This is also opportunity to see a lot of films about ballet (and to visit Lodz… ). LSB has been placed in program exhibitions, film
  8. It is my favourite Giselle . By the way unfortunately there are a lot of intresting DVD-s which are available only in Japan
  9. First time I saw V. Malakhov dancing in - Le Corsaire / Ethan Stiefel, Angel Corella, Vladimir Malakhov, American Ballet Theater/. But I appreciated him a few years later... Now his is the best male dancer for me. For me he is the 5-th god of dance... after Waclaw Niżyński, Sergiusza Lifar, Rudolf Nurejew and Michaił Barysznikow.
  10. number 1 : Vladimir Malakhov number 2 Wieslaw Dudek
  11. has anybody seen Ballet Gala ? From 10.1 to 15.01 2010 (Athens Concert Hall)? Guests artists: E. Abbagnato, Shoko Nakamura, WIELAW DUDEK, Anastasia Matvienko, Denis Matvienko, Tim Matiakis and B. Pech.
  12. At present Staatsballett Berlin is my beloved company… It is number 1 for me. Last time I saw this company in “Malakhov and Friends” 3 weeks ago . Top class dancers and a fabulously varied programme with something for every taste – from classic to modern, serious to humourous. The pdd from the “Diamonds” section of Balanchine’s Jewels with Vladimir Malakhov and Polina Semionova was great!!!! After I saw it I was dreaming to Staatsballett Berlin take Jewels into their repertoire… A performance of Bejart’s “Serait-ce la Mort?” danced by Vladimir Malakhov and Polina Semionova, Beatrice Kn
  13. beautiful performances , (technically - perfect). Corps de ballet is phenomenal...
  14. 3 years ago I saw Korean National Ballet Company ("Swan Lake"). Has anyone seen it? It was so beautiful performance… Technically Joo-won Kim was perfect. In my opinion Kim is one of the best dancers all over the world . She was perfect - both as Odette and as Odile. What is important for me - she was very convincing in Act 3, when she had a glint of evil in her eye. The Fool, danced by In-kyung Kim, was an agreeably sharp show-off.
  15. Diana Vishneva. She is beautiful and noble. Last week I have seen interview: she was so charming... By the way, I am very curious about new performance La Péri (cast: La peri/ Leila Diana Vishneva ; Achmet Vladimir Malakhov ; Nourmahal Beatrice Knop)...
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