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  1. I didn't mean that as a criticism just that I know some of the jury wouldn't vote for him because he'd play scales using only fingers 123, things like that. he is a major talent and actually has a naturally big technique, he just needs more "chair-time". I admire his playing very much, I saw him play his Medtner sonata and the Liszt sonata in April and will see him again in November (wanted to see the premiere of his piano trio this month but it's sold out). i just meant that Cliburn wouldn't win today for the same reason Debargue didn't win. And honestly, Debargue's technique is much stronger than Cliburn's.
  2. I didn't even hear about this book, looks interesting. At his best Cliburn did deserve his fame but he definitely wouldn't have won the Tchaikovsky if he'd have entered today. His technique was just too poor, for example I've never heard more wrong notes in Mazeppa. The Russians sometimes latch on to a competitor who reaches them, much like Debargue in the last installment (who, incidentally, was last placed amongst the finalists because of his less-than-worldclass technique).
  3. Yes, he is my favourite. I try to see him perform whenever I get the chance.
  4. I'm going on the 11th. I wanted to go on the 12th but it wouldn't let me split the block (even the strapontins) and the single seats which were left weren't value for money.
  5. I'm planning to attend Jewels, Don Quixote, Onegin and maybe la fille mal gardée . However, I don't usually book until I've seen the distributions.
  6. I haven't ever encountered such performances. I've sometimes felt like voicing my disapproval when a pianist makes textual alterations or doesn't play octave glissandi but I'd probably just ask them politely about it after the concert.
  7. Thanks for your impressions seattle_dancer! I saw it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't follow the plot at all and the music was incredibly boring (I had fun predicting the harmonic progressions as I was listening) but the dancing was great. I especially loved Ludmila Pagliero and her beautiful arabesques. I went with friends who are visiting from Australia and they loved it too.
  8. I could never boo any performer; it's so disrespectful. It's so hard to put yourself out there and perform, people who haven't done it have absolutely no idea how difficult it is.
  9. Did anyone see La Sylphide yet? I will see it on Friday. Wondering what to expect since I don't know this ballet.
  10. Thanks for posting this interesting (and long!) interview. I enjoyed it. I saw them dance the Nutcracker in 2014; she made a big impression on me (he, less so).
  11. Not to mention it's ridiculously expensive.
  12. It's not working in France. I will have to try to find a way around it. edit: ok now it seems to be working.
  13. Did POB ever give an explanation for why Dupont was removed from Swan Lake? I have to admit, I was extremely disappointed that that happened. Even though Hannah O'Neill ended up being very good, I paid 135 euro to see Dupont (which as a student is a significant expense). In the end, I never got the opportunity to see Dupont danse live. As for Léonore Baulac, I saw her in Nutcracker last year and really enjoyed it.
  14. Onegin is my absolute favourite novel (and opera). Personally, I think it's good to read multiple translations. I've read Nabokov's and Arndt's. I guess if I had to read one it would be the former. I've also read it in Russian (with the help of a dictionary) but I'm not going to pretend I managed to grasp all the subtleties. Slightly off topic but I've always hated how it becomes "Eugene" Onegin, which sounds nothing like Evgeny.
  15. This season I'm only attending two ballets, I don't think I will even bother next season. I'm already spending all of my money on piano recitals anyway.
  16. Contrast this with the Conservatoire, where the teachers seem so nice (if the film un jour je serai danseuse is anything to go by).
  17. I think Follow the Fleet would've been a lot better if Irene Dunne had been in it instead of Harriet Hilliard. Then it would've been the same four from Roberta. Barkley's is only okay in my opinion; I'm not a huge fan of MGM musicals. I pretty much love all of their other films though, except for Flying Down to Rio, which is not really their film. Favourite movie is either Swing TIme or Top Hat, favourite dance is Change Partners from Carefree.
  18. I also don't care for these photos. For some reason they just remind me of how lousy the weather's been recently (even though they're mostly interior).
  19. There are still some tickets but they're hard to get. I couldn't get two next to each other for my friend and me but at least we will both get to see Aurelie Dupont (fingers crossed the casting doesn't change).
  20. I also fail to see the point of this "article", just an opportunity to talk about himself and take gratuitous shots at people.
  21. I personally think the 1936 version of Showboat with Irene Dunne, Hattie McDaniel, Helen Morgan and Paul Robeson is much better than the 1951 version. Apart from Singin' in the Rain, I don't have much love for the garish MGM musicals.
  22. I personally love that part, especially when danced by Semenyaka! It also coincides with the only part of the score that's worth a damn, in my opinion at least!
  23. She's such a beautiful woman!
  24. For some reason I always expected Maazel to live until he was 100. It's sad that he's gone.
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