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  1. Yes thank you very much. I searched for stulchik lift and came across this discussion (where they also described it as a "po-po lift"): http://www.ballet.co.uk/dcforum/happening/6363.html which also led to a page from "A dictionary of ballet terms" By Leo Kersley, Janet Sinclair thanks to google books: http://books.google.com/books?id=_viUlWzim...;q=&f=false
  2. I don't think it has a formal name. Can you tell us where you are writing from (i.e., what version you saw)? It was a production in northern new jersey by the nunnbetter dance theater. A lot of the choreography is of their own design.
  3. I am new to ballet and I am just a fan...learning from my wife who still takes class. Anyway...we saw a beautiful performance of The Nutcracker tonight. At one point "Coffee From Arabia" was carried in by the Sultan where his arm was stretched straight up, and she was sitting on his hand entering the stage, in this pose the height she achieved was incredible...and it amazes me that they could keep that pose without falling??!?! What is the name of that pose?
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