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  1. The audience reception for Alicia Alonso at 8:38 is amazing - and everyone on their feet. As for the closing gala, I LOVE love love it. I never had the chance to see the old glories dance in person but its very touching. What is the relation of Lazaro Carreno to Jose Manuel and Yoel?
  2. Thank you so much for posting!!!! I just started to watch the first one. Gracias a Dios por YouTube!
  3. Thanks Natalia and CubanMiamiBoy! Oh how i wish i could be in Havana. I was doing some googling and saw an article that Alicia Alonso did some dancing on the stage! Also found Javier Torres' twitter with photos and a short clip ofhim rehearsing with Viengsay Valdes and Jose Manuel Carreno. I will try to post the link tomorrow. Finally, i learned from a Cuban friend that CubaVision will do a live broadcast of Viengsay Valdes in Coppelia tomorrow, Saturday- i believe 8:30 pm EST- i am trying to see if somehow i can view it over the internet - so far no luck it says i need plugins but i am using a MAC too which kind of complicates.. If anyone has luck let me know!
  4. indeed!!! I found some photos by just googling and also this link with video clip http://uk.news.yahoo.com/22/20100214/video...na-d7f4ae7.html
  5. I read in the press that the Bolshoi's Elena Andrienko, Ruslan Skvorstov, Ana Antonicheva, Dimitri Belogolovstsev, Galina Stepanenko and Vladimir Neporozhni will be performing at a gala in Havana this Saturday along with BNC's Anette Delgado, Alejandro Virelles, Bárbara García, Ernesto Alvarez, Sadaise Arencibia, Javier Torres, Viengsay Valdés, Elier Bourzac, Yanier Gómez, Camilo Ramos, Gustavo Pérez, Alejandro Silva and Yonah Acosta, in honor of the 19th International Book Fair in Havana which is dedicated this year to Russia. Program includes among other PDDs, those from Swan Lake, Raymonda, Nutcracker, Don Q, Spartacus, Carmen and Eduardo Blanco's "Acentos" which is an awesome showcase of the Cuban males including Yonah Acosta... If anyone has the honor of seeing this performance please post!!!!
  6. thanks Cubanmiamiboy and Carolina.... interesting...
  7. I came across this news http://www.eter.es/dn/notis/noticia.php?id=12454 (excellent photo too!) 2 of my favorite dancers. The same site also has an interview with them - does anyone have any more information? Is this a permanent move or will they periodically go back to Cuba?
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