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  1. Or it may sadly speak to ballet's overall marginal presence in America's cultural landscape.
  2. Was it specified which DC tour? If there's no time frame I don't see how this should count against the interim team.
  3. I wish I had been able to witness those early years of his rising stardom. The last performance I saw him in was the DAAG this past Spring where his uneven partnering of Mearns was discussed on this board. Still his upper body carriage was distinctive and superior to most of the other men on stage. The one before that, if I remember correctly, was Duo Concertante with Bouder. Even in this "lighter" piece, his stage presence and moments of wit were much more befitting of a principal than the bland, and tentative performance Russell Janzen gave later in the season. I'm inclined to separate the art from the artist, or the artist from the social person, though I don't hold it as some fundamental principle. Still, given what I know now, if there would be performances scheduled tomorrow and a choice between Finlay and say, Janzen, I would still buy tickets to the Finlay one. Catazaro has yet to impress as a principal dancer, nor an excellent partner. He's good friends with Finlay and they are of similar height, with conventionally appealing physiques. But if you put them side by side, the difference is evident as daylight. Ramasar is justly well-liked by audiences, bringing much to many pieces in the NYCB repertoire, and I hope the Broadway stint will invigorate and deepen his dancing even more, when/if he returns next year.
  4. Oh wow I didn't know that. The NYPL Performing Arts branch is having a small exhibition about her I think.
  5. I saw him on Lincoln Center grounds a few weeks ago, presumably taking a noon-time break from rehearsals. Hesitated going up to say hello and good work. With 4T and Symphony in C, he finally seems to be getting tested and groomed for bigger roles. His brother, btw, is a Martha Graham dancer. Though, Woodward would seem too big a partner, physically speaking, for S. V-V.
  6. Of course. I wonder if they knew anything about this prior to this complaint becoming public. If not, I can only imagine the suspicion hanging in everyone's mind being very distracting in their day-to-day professional activities, at least for the short-term.
  7. Barnard's Dance Department has a long tradition of absorbing members of NYC's professional dance community, as teachers, students, resident artists or some other capacity.
  8. It's commonplace for people with prior dance experience and continuing interest in dance to join CBC once they become affiliated with any of Columbia's schools. With so many professional dance groups active in NYC, I've never been to their year-end performances, despite being a dance lover and living close by.
  9. I think of Megan LeCrone's IG post earlier about pulling together as a community etc. De Luz's post about how it's always the artists, audience and the art that suffer the consequences. These relatively vague posts appeared right after the news about resignation and suspension. I wonder how much they knew then, because it would have painted different pictures of the dancers' judgement and grievances and exposure to information, depending on the answer.
  10. People might be inclined to assume otherwise because of the conclusion of the Martins investigation. Anyway, I'm annoyed that most media outlets other than the NYT use "ballerina" or "dancer" in their headline to describe Waterbury. She's a model and student, a former ballet student, but not a dancer and certainly not a "ballerina". The use of these descriptors plants the impression that this is coming from someone who's an established member of the company, when in reality she's not.
  11. Didn't Catazaro post something related to his modeling gigs today? It might have been before the story broke though.
  12. Wow. Very worried how/if the dancers, especially female dancers will carry through a Fall Season that has many wonderful and demanding programs, under the circumstances.
  13. Excited that Villarini-Velez is getting the third Movement of Symphony in C!
  14. So this lawsuit is not brought by whoever made the complaint last week? It certainly suggests a systematic problem that seems much graver than the Martins allegations and what seemed to be an "isolated outburst" last week.
  15. Oh even the NYTimes did a short feature on Peck/Fairchild's marriage. And there's an AOL produced youtube series on NYCB, over the two seasons of which all of Peck/Fairchild, Fairchild/Veyette and Finlay/Lovette's relationship were showcased.
  16. Oh I saw that documentary on the workings of the Paris Opera too. I wished it had given the Ballet more screen time.
  17. There isn't a current board member who has worked with Balanchine, at least artistically, if I'm not mistaken?
  18. Whiteside himself said that he sent his tapes to NYCB when he was trying to come to NY (aiming for ABT of course), and they kinda just said flat-out no.
  19. As far as the impact on casting goes, yes this is bad news. Male principal rank was already strained before this. Second reaction is will CF continue dancing? It doesn't sound like his resignation was forced. I wonder if he had thought it through or was he already experiencing some burn-out re. dancing.
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