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  1. Because they are artists whose work audiences shared in, and whose careers and lives people have watched for long. To be concerned with their feelings and their embarrassment is a natural reaction, and by extension that concern also touches somewhat on our own mixed feelings. People don't know Waterbury. As of now nothing is proved in a court of law, nothing that suggests the firing is fully justified.
  2. bcash

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I would love to see Hyltin dance the 2nd Movement. Tiler Peck, through various comments she's made, seems also eager for the opportunity to explore roles like this.
  3. Lauren Lovette is only a young principal and has only choreographed a couple pieces for the company. Ashley Bouder may feel more confident in speaking out but that still doesn't mean it's repercussion-free for her.
  4. That quote at the end of NYT's article struck me as emotionally manipulative the very first time I read it. Using the imagery of innocent, eager, young female ballet students to blur the specifics of her case. Who did she expect to "protect" her, given that her relationship with Finlay started after she left SAB and that she was never associated with NYCB? And what Finlay was alleged to have done he didn't broadcast it for his company to know. How can she extrapolate from her sense of not being "protected" to the absence of "protection" for actual students of SAB, and by logic of her general reference, all the other ballet schools?
  5. bcash

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I would love to see Coll and V-V getting promoted. The last three names however do not excite me in any way. Come to think of it, the male corps ranks is not rich in talent either, certainly so compared to the female corps members.
  6. She is at the School of General Studies, which was founded to provide liberal arts education to adult and non-traditional students (veterans, etc). It's not part of the Columbia College, nor a graduate or professional school at the University. There have been retired dancers who went there (Garcia Gonzales's boyfriend graduated from that school this year or last year). I'm not saying that the academic standards are relaxed for them, but the school does take other achievements than traditionally academic ones into consideration when admitting their students. Which reminds me of the slightly curious case of Waterbury. She is of traditional college age, and she did not enter NYCB or any other professional dance company to pursue a dance career. Coming straight out of SAB and PCS, she seems an unusual candidate for (and student at) the GS, as it is known within Columbia.
  7. bcash

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I'm curious to see if Kowroski's form holds or continues to elevate. Last season people were raving about her dancing but I only got to see one Agon with her in the cast (and she was very good). She's dancing Diamonds and 2nd Movement in Symphony in C the first week.
  8. Or it may sadly speak to ballet's overall marginal presence in America's cultural landscape.
  9. bcash

    Job posting for artistic director

    Was it specified which DC tour? If there's no time frame I don't see how this should count against the interim team.
  10. I wish I had been able to witness those early years of his rising stardom. The last performance I saw him in was the DAAG this past Spring where his uneven partnering of Mearns was discussed on this board. Still his upper body carriage was distinctive and superior to most of the other men on stage. The one before that, if I remember correctly, was Duo Concertante with Bouder. Even in this "lighter" piece, his stage presence and moments of wit were much more befitting of a principal than the bland, and tentative performance Russell Janzen gave later in the season. I'm inclined to separate the art from the artist, or the artist from the social person, though I don't hold it as some fundamental principle. Still, given what I know now, if there would be performances scheduled tomorrow and a choice between Finlay and say, Janzen, I would still buy tickets to the Finlay one. Catazaro has yet to impress as a principal dancer, nor an excellent partner. He's good friends with Finlay and they are of similar height, with conventionally appealing physiques. But if you put them side by side, the difference is evident as daylight. Ramasar is justly well-liked by audiences, bringing much to many pieces in the NYCB repertoire, and I hope the Broadway stint will invigorate and deepen his dancing even more, when/if he returns next year.
  11. That one succinct comment from Devin Alberda though..
  12. Oh wow I didn't know that. The NYPL Performing Arts branch is having a small exhibition about her I think.
  13. bcash

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    I saw him on Lincoln Center grounds a few weeks ago, presumably taking a noon-time break from rehearsals. Hesitated going up to say hello and good work. With 4T and Symphony in C, he finally seems to be getting tested and groomed for bigger roles. His brother, btw, is a Martha Graham dancer. Though, Woodward would seem too big a partner, physically speaking, for S. V-V.