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  1. I have attended several Carolina Ballet performances since "Picasso" and have been a patron to Carolina ballet for several years. Mr. Weiss has cast Ms. Cooper in various small highlighted roles last season. She has done a lovely job performing each time. Right or wrong, I believe casting, particularly for highlighted roles, should be determined by company ranking. If an apprentice is given a demi soloist role early in his/ her career then why is he/she not hired at a higher level than the apprentice level to begin with. Why would an artistic director cast a first season apprentice for semi highlighted roles in lieu of choosing a demi soloist? According to Carolina Ballet's web page the company currently lists 3 seasoned female second soloists (Jan Burkhard, Lindsay Purrington, and Erica Sabetini). I guess it is his prerogative. Nevertheless, next season I look forward to observing Ms. Cooper and the other talented members of Carolina Ballet perform in the future. Just curious, Has Peter Martins announced the 2010-11 apprentices yet for NYC Ballet as the result of the recent SAB Workshop performance?
  2. Peter Boal has done a superb job promoting his students since his arrival to PNB and PNBS, definately bringing the company and ballet school into the 21st century. Robert Weiss has also done an excellent job recruiting talent ifor Carolina Ballet in recent years. Two company members in particular come to mind: a female company apprentice, recruited from Vienna State Opera Ballet School and a female corps de ballet member who trained at the English National Ballet School. Second soloist, Jan Burkhard, (a former SAB graduate) also has performed beautifully this season. I look forward to witnessing the future progression of these dancers with Carolina Ballet. During the recent Picasso program I was somewhat surprised that the artistic director chose, Lola Cooper, a newly hired apprentice, to perform a demi solo and pas de deux during "Harlequins" in lieu of casting this role with a more seasoned dancer.
  3. I saw Carolina Ballet perform several months ago. Ms. Cooper was listed in the playbill as a new apprentice. It was my understanding that she was hired from Pacific Northwest Ballet School. Did she continue her post graduation training in Seattle after graduating from SAB?
  4. I attended Carolina Ballet's Picasso during Halloween weekend. Salome, Guernica, Picasso's Harlequins, and The Song of the Dead (Meditation on Morality) were presented during the program. I was delighted to see many of my favorite dancers perform. Margaret Severin Hansen, Laura Obrien, and Randi Ostetek all performed brilliantly. One other female dancer caught my attention during the Saturday matinee performance. Jan Burkhard, featured as Columbine in Picasso’s Harlequins, performed a brief playful variation and a pas de deux with soloist Marcelo Martinez. I also noticed that corps de ballet member, Rachel Sherak, is no longer listed on the company roster. Does anyone know if she is perforomg elsewhere?
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