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  1. Benvenuto! We look forward to your contributions!
  2. Jayne

    Marcelo Gomes

    This is a fraught topic, but I do feel it is a shame that this was all left unfinished and will follow him.
  3. ABT has a *lot* of male soloists ( 7 total) and 4 part time principals (Bolle, Halllberg, Simkin, and Lendorf on IR), and just 3 full time principals (Cornejo, Sterns, and Whiteside). This seems like a very good time to expand an equal exchange program with other major companies to have adequate male principals. If foreign visas are too high of an obstacle, ABT should look at regional companies *and* NYCB for exchanges.
  4. I haven’t had time to post reviews much this season. At the encore I thought: “Wow, PNB has an embarassment of riches, promotions will be tough choices.” But I think it will be Miles Pertl and Dylan Wald to soloists. PNB needs more tall partners and they have been given some good parts this season.
  5. Tom Hanks hassaid the weight he lost for “Philadelphia” and “Cast Away” has been damaging to his health. I’m just worried about Chase.
  6. I honestly hope the weight loss does not damage his metabolism.
  7. I stand corrected: it is possible to enjoy two post-impressionists, one need not pick sides. Hair splitting aside, I also enjoy many styles of ballet dancing.
  8. I don’t speak Russian, but I do very much enjoy reading Kuznetsova’s reviews in translation, thank you for posting!
  9. To put it another way: would you have a reality tv competition for “Best Impressionist Painter”? Pit Van Gogh against Cezanne? It would be an insult to the artform.
  10. Slightly off-topic, but reading the cast list I wonder how the Cuban trend of creative spelling / names became so popular? No other Lat-Am country has this trend.
  11. What a shame, if only PNB could have bought the sets / costumes for the 2019 season! Surely the Bayern government would be interested in their tax payer funded sets (government property) being destroyed?!?
  12. Also, if you can find the youtube replay without commentary, it is a completely different experience! It feels like a normal wedding with more expensive cars and clothes. So nice not to have obnoxious commentators ginning everything up.
  13. I agree with the previous comments on tge great music, great sermon, great bandeau tiara, and slightly ill-fitting dress. The soprano’s solo during tge bride’s walk was delicate fireworks. Regarding the dress, I did not mind the lack of ornamentation, but a lot of American girls got married in similar sheath dresses with boat necks in the late 1990’s (the anti-merenge audrey look) before the sleeveless, glamorous beading look took off (argh). St George’s is a smaller chapel and a giant cathedral dress would not have worked. There was a long car ride to the chapel and I wonder if that contributed to the wrinkled fit?
  14. As it turns out, the Dad and half siblings are the the Carrabosse branch of the family. The mom and her friends are part of the Faerie branch.
  15. La Sylphide: 2 wedding scenes! Raymonda: iconic wedding dance Midsummer Night’s Dream (Balanchine): iconic ppd as part of 2nd act wedding celebrations. Don Quixote: final act wedding reception Romeo & Juliet: marriage by the friar Cinderella: final wedding dance La Fille Mal Gardee (Ashton): adorable wedding variation Ondine / The Little Mermaid: unhappy wedding to the wrong girl The Firebird: marriage of Koschei and the Maiden Princess Esmerelda: who marries Pierre there are more....
  16. This is true, but when she wants to wear a space ship hat, she goes all out. https://goo.gl/images/iUJMrW https://goo.gl/images/dFnkK9 https://goo.gl/images/9MBwP7 https://goo.gl/images/JDojXg
  17. The debacle at ANB really makes me wonder if there could have been an intervention sooner to set the company on a sustainable path? Or was the hubris so great on the founders’ part that nothing could have stopped this?
  18. While we are waiting, maybe we can discuss ballet hats and tiaras? Here is Lauren Lovette’s Karinska designed Merry Widow hat from Vienna Waltzes. In the harsh halogen lights, it is not as fabulously dashing as on stage. But that is true of many costumes. This is from her public facing Imgrum account. Found by googling “Vienna Waltzes Merry Widow hat”
  19. I think the tiara style will depend on the dress style, but I’m really hoping Harry gets a Scots Dukedom (not the odds-on favorite Sussex, which is confusingly close to the Earl of Wessex’s title). More kilts, please!
  20. The Royal Order of Satorial Splendour is the jewels blog. http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com/?m=1
  21. Well Kate does have 3 kids under 5 and the youngest is less than 6 weeks old. Each pregnancy involved hyper morning sickness requiring hospitalization. I think it’s ok for a mom with a new baby to stay home for the first year, and in many countries maternity leave is a paid 12 month benefit (Canada too). If Meghan has kids, I think she will also choose to take maternity leave. Remember that the tabloids will complain about anything and everything. Fewer appearances mean less £££ / $$$ in their coffers. I’d much rather have fewer tabloid pics for a few years as long as their kids turn out to be decent people. Tge same tabloid employees certainly want maternity leave for their own families. Back to the art of the wedding. There is a blog called Royal Hats that has some good coverage. https://royalhats.wordpress.com/
  22. I think we are going to see Ms. Markle in a lot of neutrals and simple, modest clothes in the future. Maybe with just one twist (such as the orange pumps). IThe BRF revolves around just one sun, and that sun is Elizabeth II. Additionally, Meghan does not want to outshine her SIL or Step MIL. So while Kate may wear daring coat dresses in bright colors, or Camilla might wear a good 18 inches of feathered frippery height in her hats, Meghan is the actress/royal in the supporting role to Harry. She will get the small jewels and 5th best carriage at Royal Ascot. So expect more beautifully tailored caramel brown winter coats and beanie hats in the future. There are plenty of still shots from her entertainment industry days to see her in short hems, bird of paradise colors and shiny bling. In 10 years, when Elizabeth II leaves us, if Meghan has done well to orbit all the shinier stars, King Charles may upgrade her jewels on loan, her clothing allowance, and her leeway to dress as she pleases. See Sophie, Countess of Wessex as an example.
  23. I’mlooking forward to the music, should be a great mix of traditional and new world. I fully expect hat/fascinator reports from my fellow BA fashion cops!
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