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  1. I was able to do some more researching for my English project on ballet and I decided that my new research question would be "What is unique about ballet?". By using this question I am able to keep the topic narrow enough but still broad enough to expand my ideas and keep my paper interesting. I have also made the decision to to study this question from 4 different perspectives: 1.) Origin/history of ballet- Here I want to give a brief summary on the origin/history of ballet and why is it the foundation of so many dance styles. I also wanted to touch up on famous ballets, ballet companies and choreographers. 2.) Commitment - Here I want to describe the financial and personal cost of being a ballet dancer, and what to expect once you enter the world of ballet. 3.) Health/health issues- Here I want to briefly explain the science behind ballet and how researcher say that by understand the scientific perspective of ballet you can execute your movements more, improve your technique and increase your chances of preventing injury. I also wanted to briefly talk about the issues of eat disorders, weight acceptance,hieght standards, nutrition/diet of a dancer and peer pressure. 4.) Ballet/Dancer stereotypes- Here I want to discuss the stereotypes of gender role and sexuality issues of male dancers(ballerino), the attitudes(egos) of female dancers, and other Ballet/dancer stereotypes. I was wondering if you guys may have had some experiences have some knowledge with an of these topics. Thank Legend
  2. Thanks to all for all your helpful comments and suggestions. I believe that I am now on the road to coming to my final conclusion of my research question. papeetepatrick used the question "What is unique about ballet?" I believe that itself is pulling me closer to where i want to be in constructing this question. My instructor mentions not to look at ballet in an historical sense or as an idea, but as a form of art," My caution is that I don't want you to merely write a (historical) report about ballet. That's not the purpose of LE2(Long Eassay 2). You will discuss what is ballet, what's involved in both the creation and the performance, I imagine. But I sense you also want to examine why ballet is significant, why we value it as a cultural art, and why it should continue. Engage with broader issues than just describing the different kinds." As a dancer i want to use this project to gain a better understanding of ballet.
  3. Well do you have a better question that I can pose. I'm looking for a question about ballet that is not tooo borad but yet not too narrow. Also I'm not really sure I understand your statement.
  4. I am doing a project for my college English class where I am to research a subject ( I chose ballet), and come up with a rearsch question (Who do we need ballet?) . I am also to do a field experiment on ballet and interview three different subjects persoanlly.Finally, am to gather information from three sources, (book, video,article, journal etc). My question to you is, how would you respond to this question? Also how would YOU go amongst researching this topic, meaning from what perspectives or angles would you look at it? <3, LEGEND
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